Plans of Orion Class Battleships

Plans of Orion Class Battleships

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Plans of Orion Class Battleships

These plans show the Orion Class battleships of 1910-1911, the first British dreadnoughts to carry all of their main guns on the centreline and the first to use 13.5in guns. The four ships of the Orion class (Orion, Conqueror, Monarch and Thunderer suffered from the poor location of the tripod mast, behind the forward funnel. This meant that the fire control top was almost always swamped by smoke. The four ships of the King George V class (Ajax, Audacious, Centurion and King George V were fairly similar, but moved the mast to a new position in front of the funnel, improving visibility. This plan shows twenty 4in guns, but they only actually carried sixteen.


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