October 24, 2012-Iron Dome Proves It Worth as 80 Rockets Strike the South - History

October 24, 2012-Iron Dome Proves It Worth as 80 Rockets Strike the South - History

October 24, 2012-Iron Dome Proves It Worth as 80 Rockets Strike the South

The Iron Dome proved its worth again today. The Palestinians from Gaza fired 80 rockets and mortars at Southern Israel this morning. The rockets found a target at a Kibbutz, which sits very close to the border. However, all 7 rockets that were likely to hit the city of Ashkelon were successfully intercepted. Thus, while there are the usual calls to take action against Hamas, the pressure is significantly reduced, since the urban centers in the South are currently protected. It's not a foolproof solution, but Iron Dome's success allows Israel to take measured, deliberate actions, without being rushed. Israel has also gained much greater capability of deploying armed drones circling around potential rocket launch sites. As a result, last night the drones were able to kill a number of Hamas and Islamic Jihad rocket launcher operators before they could be fired. The current round of rocket fire may be over. It's up to Hamas. If Hamas does not attack tonight, it will likely be quiet....until the next round. 

The Sudanese claim Israel is behind an explosion last night, in an arms factory, in the heart of Khartoum. Israel is not saying anything. However, there is a good chance the allegation is accurate. If Israel did it you can be sure that there was a valued target involved. However, to find out the actual details of "what" and "how", we will need to wait for the history books.

INSIDE THE IRON DOME: Chanoch Levin spearheaded the development of Israel's famed defensive shield against short-range rockets. For the first time, he shares some of the previously undisclosed details of how a concept more likely to be found in a science fiction thriller became a reality.

CHANOCH LEVINhad just returned to Israel when the rockets started falling.

It was 2006, and the weapons engineer and his wife, Ditza, had moved back to their small town in the northern part of the country after two years in Maryland, where Levin had been consulting with the United States Army on ways to neutralize the improvised explosive devices (IEDs) that were killing U.S. troops in Iraq. In mid-July, two months into his homecoming, Hezbollah fighters in Lebanon began shooting hundreds of rockets into the north of Israel each day. In five weeks, Hezbollah fired almost 4,000 rockets, about a quarter of which hit populated areas.

The storm of rockets was terrifying. Many residents ran to underground shelters when warning sirens blared, but still, more than 40 people were killed with many more seriously wounded. A quarter of a million citizens--almost three percent of the nation's population--fled northern Israel, sleeping in hurriedly improvised hostels or moving in with friends and family elsewhere in the country. The economic cost to Israel was at least $1 billion.

The Levins and their adult children, Tamar and Yoav, stayed put, taking shelter in a lower-level computer room in their house night after night, listening to the rocket blasts and emerging hours later to discover the damage to their little town. So when Levin was approached by his employer--the government-owned weapons development company Rafael Advanced Defense Systems--to spearhead a project to combat these missiles, he immediately recognized its importance.

He recalls being told, "You might not be the brightest engineer we have at Rafael, but we noticed you always think outside the box, and with this project, that's the only chance we have of making this work." He was also told that he was not the first one to be offered the job. Others in the company had declined, fearing failure.

That he would be able to create a defensive shield system for Israel was anything but a sure bet, but Levin didn't hesitate. He took the job.

THE PROJECT didn't have a name, but as Levin would soon learn, it had a powerful backer, Israel's then-Defense Minister, Amir Peretz. Like Levin, Peretz knew what it was like to live under a barrage of rockets shot by hostile neighbors. He was from Sderot, the southern Israeli city at the wrong end of the first Qassam rocket fired from Gaza in April 2001. Rockets had been coming in sporadically since, making Sderot synonymous with danger. Almost half of the city's children exhibited symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder. So when Peretz, who had been Sderot's mayor from 1983 to 1988, was appointed defense minister in May 2006, he was highly motivated to find a solution. Even more impetus came from a rocket strike in November 2006: In the attack, Peretz's house was hit, and his bodyguard lost both his legs.

But Peretz had a hard time convincing his colleagues that a defensive shield could work. He recalls how one skeptic sarcastically asked: "What are we going to do? Put up huge volleyball nets so the Katyusha rockets bounce back to Lebanon and Gaza?" When he asked the General Staff commanders in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) for their opinions, they told him the project was bound to fail and would be a waste of time and money. One general said: "The Qassam and Katyusha rockets are a problem we'll have to live with. It's a tactical issue, not strategic. It won't destroy the State of Israel."

Peretz, however, wouldn't be dissuaded and ordered a Ministry of Defense division known as MAFAT (a Hebrew abbreviation for the Administration for the Development of Weapons and Technological Infrastructure) to initiate a study about what could be done. Danny Gold, a retired brigadier general who was at the time a senior research and development executive in MAFAT, began accepting proposals for technology that would deflect the rockets. Gold invited defense contractors to show what they had in the pipeline. One American firm, Northrop Grumman, offered a system that would fire laser beams at incoming rockets. Its product, Nautilus, rebranded as Skyguard, was marketed as a "laser cannon." Another American company, Raytheon, pitched its Phalanx system, a rapid-fire gun that protects many U.S. Navy ships. Rafael and Levin put forth a totally different approach: They would build interceptor missiles that would somehow track and destroy incoming rockets.

Largely because it would be an Israeli product, Peretz loved Rafael's idea. He wanted to give the "made in Israel" invention a chance, although he stipulated that each interception would have to cost less than $100,000, and a system would have to be ready in 30 months. A project of this kind would typically take 15 years, and "smart" air-to-air missiles made by Israel's factories cost $1 million each. Yet Rafael agreed to take on the challenge.

When Peretz briefed then-Prime Minister Ehud Olmert on the proposed project, his military advisers were not enthusiastic, and Olmert refused to divert government funds. But Peretz persisted, eventually bringing Olmert on board. In a vote in July 2007, Olmert's government approved the project and allocated a budget. Later that month, Rafael's CEO, Yedidia Ya'ari, signed the contract that would give the company 811 million shekels (just over $200 million) to work on short-range missile defense. On December 23, 2007, the Security Cabinet gave its approval. The Defense Ministry then suggested a few names, the most popular one being Golden Dome--Kipat Zahav in Hebrew. The developers liked the name but worried that it sounded too extravagant. They suggested a different metal, and Iron Dome--Kipat Barzel--was born.

THE PROJECTnow had a name, but no team. To build an interceptor missile system, Levin needed 350 engineers, physicists, designers and technicians, all of whom would receive security clearances and specially coded passes that admitted them to facilities separate from other Rafael workspaces for extra protection. Levin was looking for more than raw skills and high IQs. He wanted a team that would think imaginatively, work unusually long hours and get along well.

Levin carefully assembled his team, including the core group of nine employees with whom he would work most closely. His first hire was David--the man who would become his deputy. A veteran of the Air Force who was in his 50s, David had spent more than half his life working on weapons and weapon-defense systems. Then there was Amnon, the chief systems engineer hired to develop the interceptor missile. In his mid-40s, Amnon was born on a kibbutz and had been deeply affected in early childhood by the death of his father, a Mossad agent, in the Yom Kippur War. Aharon, 57, was the expert on missile control who had a passion for designing features such as fins that helped missiles maneuver. Short and balding, the immigrant from the former Soviet Union had studied aeronautical engineering in Moscow. Aharon was a perfectionist who carefully examined every number and his calculations were trusted to be flawless. Then there was a renowned expert on navigation, Hector, who was tasked with making sure a missile's electronic brain would know exactly where it was along the path to its target, even if that target was constantly and erratically changing direction. The Argentine native, who was in his late 50s, had a teenager's giddy enthusiasm for soccer and was always delighted to discuss F.C. Barcelona's latest match.

Initially, Levin didn't see a role for Itai, a Rafael engineer in his mid-40s who, as a boy on a kibbutz in northern Israel, had sought underground shelter from Syrian rockets during the Yom Kippur War. But Itai kept coming back, until he won Levin over with his persistence. Itai felt strongly about everything, and his colleagues attributed his fiery temper to his red hair. He wasn't the team's superstar, but his obsessive work ethic proved useful to the joint effort.

A couple, Boris and Polina (not their real names), both 34, were at the center of Levin's innermost team. Each had immigrated to Israel with their parents when they were teenagers--she from Soviet Moldova and he from St. Petersburg. In Israel, they grew up to become masters of algorithms. It was their role to come up with an entirely new way for the interceptor missile's tiny computer to calculate when it was close enough to the attacking rocket to explode its warhead and destroy both projectiles. This had to occur in mere microseconds, since two fast-flying objects meeting nearly head-to-head would have only the briefest of encounters. Polina was a brilliant computer programmer, but testing her algorithms required trial-and-error repetitions on test platforms that had never been used before. Boris's job was to combine his wife's mathematical solutions with a unitary, working system that could communicate with software written by dozens of people. He referred to his challenge as a Tower of Babel.

There was one other woman in the inner circle. Tzipi, 25, an industrial and management engineer with a perpetual grin, was celebrated for her ability to crawl into Iron Dome's launching tube. The upper two-thirds of her body would disappear into the chute from which future interceptor missiles would be fired. Checking all the connections, and then finding and correcting malfunctions, could take days using normal means, but with the slim and limber Tzipi, it took just hours. A sign at the exit door of the bunker where the launch assembly was built reminded teammates to "Check if you forgot Tzipi in the chute before leaving."

The senior team also included a non-Jew. At 29, Mula was young for a major in the IDF. Always in uniform, he was assigned to Rafael while he studied for his doctorate in mechanical engineering. A member of the Druze community of northern Israel, Mula invited his teammates to all the big celebrations in his village, where they were warmly welcomed and treated to huge meals. Mula's assignment was during the testing phase of the project and was to make sure that IDF soldiers would be in place and ready to fire the exact rockets that Hamas and Hezbollah would use. Levin says Rafael staffers never learned how those weapons were procured.

LEVIN UNDERSTOOD that Iron Dome needed to be "quick and a bit dirty," meaning cost and time had to be the primary factors in designing the launcher, the interceptor missile and the packaging for the entire system. "I don't want a perfect solution to everything just give me a mediocre system," he told his team. Iron Dome might not win a beauty pageant or a Nobel Prize, but Levin was determined it was going to work.

First up was the interceptor itself, a missile the team nicknamed Tamir. Building an interceptor that could swivel, swoop, climb and dive, guided by its own electronic eye and computing chips, depended on little things that could make a huge difference. Levin needed durable and reliable switches, but he didn't have the budget for the usual military suppliers' high prices. One morning, he noticed a radio-controlled car his son used to play with and had an idea. Using a pocketknife and screwdriver, Levin took apart the vehicle and found that the switch would work just fine for Iron Dome. Rafael located the supplier of that component, a company in Asia that happily agreed to sell a large quanti-ty of switches, unaware that the customer was an Israeli arms manufacturer.

A daunting challenge for the team was how to design a platform that would be able to hold 20 chutes for 20 Tamir interceptor missiles while still being highly mobile. Levin's cheap solution was to borrow a concept from heavy dump trucks already designed for the load and terrain. Another major component was the radar system: It was crucial for the missile not to miss a single launch of an enemy rocket or shell, and radar was a key part of calculating the direction of the threat. Since there was no time to invent a new radar array, the team decided to use the one developed by the Israeli manufacturer ELTA Systems, which they determined had the best radar technology in the world.

Levin recalls that one of the great cost saving ideas came to him while in the bathroom. The IDF had observed that only about one-quarter of the rockets fired by Hamas and other radical groups in Gaza landed in places where Israelis could be hurt, and the team decided it didn't make sense to launch missiles if incoming rockets were headed for unpopulated land. "We were so adamant about not wasting time that if I had to go to the men's room, I told David or Amnon or both to come with me and we'd keep talking, and that's where the big idea of not launching every time sprang to life." The few female project members often listened in from the adjacent women's bathroom.

To save time, humans were also written out of the equation. With the short-range Katyusha rockets and mortar attacks from Gaza, there would be less than 15 seconds to decide whether Iron Dome should fire an interceptor, a choice that would be made entirely by an automated system. Although five soldiers would sit in a battle management center, a portable trailer near the launchers, monitoring what their Iron Dome was doing, there would be no time for humans to push a "Fire!" button.

AFTER ALMOST 18 months of preparations and computer simulations, the team was ready to test Iron Dome in June 2009. The odds were against success: To work, the ground-based radar would need to detect the rocket launch, and the computers and algorithms would need to decide when to ignite the Tamir interceptor's engine. The Tamir itself would then need to precisely determine its own location, as well as the exact trajectory of the target, and where they would converge. It was a rapidly changing and moving physics problem, using the sky itself as the blackboard for millions of calculations per second.

All the team leaders, plus Ministry of Defense officials, gathered for the first time in the test facility in Makhtesh Ramon in Israel's Negev desert. The test director, Dori, completed the countdown for the simulated enemy rocket. It took off and started heading toward the expected interception zone. But the countdown for Tamir's launch led to nothing. The interceptor simply did not budge, as if its launch tube had not received the order to fire. The next day, the team tried again. Once more, the interceptor sat motionless in the tube and failed to fly. At this point, Levin morosely concluded: "We don't have a project, after all that time and work." Rafael's Engineering Division led the post-mortem discussions and told Levin what he already knew: A formal investigation of the failure, likely to take a full year, would be required under the company's standard procedures.

Levin retreated, numb, to his office in Haifa. Three days later, Israel Orbach, a senior electronics engineer at Rafael, called him at 10 p.m. with a theory: The problem was an incorrectly plugged-in cable. Levin investigated and saw Orbach was correct. The positive and negative connectors of the cable just needed to be reversed. But when Levin relayed this surprisingly simple explanation to the head of the Engineering Division, he was accused of wishful thinking. The chief engineer contended that the solution could not be that easy, and he refused to sign off on Levin's request to reschedule a test. Each test was enormously expensive, even if only calculating the cost of transporting and housing 100 employees. Levin then appealed to the president of Rafael--his old combat colleague, Yedidia Ya'ari. "Are you sure you found the problem?" Ya'ari asked. "Yes," said Levin, with all the confidence he could muster.

A month later, the team gathered in the Negev once again. Everyone was tense. Again the target rocket launched. Dori began the countdown for the interceptor missile. "Seven, six, five. " But the Tamir had a mind of its own, igniting its engine and flaming away from the launcher when the count got to "three." Levin did not like the early takeoff, but the radar and computers must have been telling the Tamir something that its human creators had missed.

Now that both missiles were in the air, the attention turned to a split-screen video. One side showed the target rocket cutting across the desert sky, wobbling as amateurishly manufactured rockets tend to do. On the other side was the nimble Tamir. Suddenly, on the screen, the interceptor took a sharp turn--and then it soared upward as though tugged by an invisible string. Then it deviated a little to one side, then the other, and then, boom! A precise collision, and a storm of fragments rained down.

The silence of the Ramon crater test site was shattered by applause and cries of joy. Broad smiles, warm hugs and mighty handshakes prevailed. Levin recalls that he found himself repeating to everyone on his left, on his right or in his arms: "We have a project!"

MORE TESTS had be carried out, and among them were failures, successes and a lot of inbetween. They didn't get much sleep out in the crater, but Levin and his team were learning from every single test. Their creation quickly advanced from the crawling stage through its first baby steps, eventually running more smoothly than the team had dared to hope.

On March 27, 2011, the first operational Iron Dome unit was rolled out on the northern edge of Beersheba, the biggest city in Israel's Negev desert. The head of the Air Defense Corps, Brigadier General Doron Gavish, told reporters that deployment had been accelerated because of a spate of Katyusha rocket launches from Gaza, about 30 miles west of Beersheba. Gavish revealed that two port cities just north of the Gaza Strip, Ashkelon and Ashdod, would each get an Iron Dome "battery"--consisting of the launcher for the Tamir interceptors, the radar system, power generators and a battle management center.

April 7, 2011 was a landmark day. At 6:16 p.m. Iron Dome achieved its first operational, real-world interception of a Grad rocket fired by Hamas from Gaza. It occurred while Levin and many of his engineers were GoKarting, which Levin considered a great team-building exercise, in Haifa. Suddenly one of his engineers, Michal, who had just received a call on her cell phone, jumped onto the racetrack--waving her arms in the air, yelling something inaudible.

"What?" Levin shouted, as he brought his little Go-Kart to a stop. "What's up?"

"Haya yiroot!" She announced, with a huge smile: "There's been an interception! There was an actual interception!"

Levin pulled out his own phone to find a string of missed calls. Colleagues from Rafael and the Ministry of Defense were calling him with congratulations. The Iron Dome was credited with preventing major damage to an important power plant in Ashkelon.

Two days later, Levin drove 100 miles south to the scene of the launch on Ashkelon's outskirts. There he met then-commander of the Air Force Major General Ido Nechushtan, who had been a skeptic of the project. With a broad smile, Nechushtan slapped his own chest and announced: "You now have the biggest supporter you'll ever have! I was wrong when I didn't believe."

IT DIDN'T ake ng Hamas to adapt. On August 20, 2011, it fired over 11 missiles simultaneously toward the city of Beersheba. While a few got through and caused damage, Iron Dome intercepted most of the incoming rockets. In March 2012, Iron Dome calculated that 71 rockets were heading toward populated areas and tried to intercept them, with a claimed success rate of 80 percent.

Levin and his team knew that the success rate would improve. As in testing, every successfully intercepted missile fed a large amount of valuable information into the constantly recalibrating Iron Dome algorithms. By the time the 2014 Gaza war broke out, Iron Dome was more accurate than ever and proved indispensable.

But the more than 700 Tamir interceptors used by Israel during the grueling two-month war had a total price tag of around $50 million. Also, a need for additional Iron Dome units became obvious--and they cost millions of dollars apiece. Israel's Defense Ministry asked the United States to help, and the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) lobbyists helped make the case to Congress and the Obama administration. The U.S. stepped up with hundreds of millions of dollars in extra aid--specifically to replenish Israel's supply of interceptor missiles for Iron Dome.

There was, however, a price. The agreement required Rafael to hand over to the Americans details of various parts of Iron Dome technology, including the algorithms for the computer chips in the Tamir missile. Levin's fervent hope had been that the project would be entirely "blue and white"--all Israeli--so he was disappointed to see that a major portion of Iron Dome production was being transferred to an American contractor, Raytheon.

In November 2017, at an arms show in Washington, DC, Raytheon exhibited an entire system, only slightly modified from Iron Dome, branded as SkyHunter. While South Korea and other nations have expressed interest in buying the system from its Israeli inventors, they also have the option of buying them from Raytheon in the United States. More significantly, the U.S. military can now order SkyHunter as a fully approved, domestically manufactured product to protect American bases and forward positions in South Korea, the Middle East and elsewhere. Nonetheless, as the original manufacturer and inventor, Rafael will earn commissions on every SkyHunter sale by Raytheon.

"I'm not saying that Raytheon is doing anything wrong," Levin says. "Raytheon saw that President Barack Obama and Congress gave Israel a lot of money for the cost of more Iron Dome launchers and missiles," and so it's no surprise that Raytheon pushed to build a large proportion of the interceptors. "But I think my former colleagues are disappointed that the Americans picked up our ball--the ball we invented--and are running with it to all sorts of worldwide markets." When asked for comment, Raytheon's public affairs department declined to react to Levin's assessment. Officially, Rafael executives say that they are satisfied with the arrangement with the American company, which is partnering with Rafael to develop other projects.

AFTER RON DOME was up and running in Israel, Levin moved back to Maryland to serve as Rafael's chief representative in the United States. Others on his team, although their work on Iron Dome was secret, thrived in their professional paths. Some took jobs in private industry, lured by the technical innovations--and potential of stock market riches--of the high-tech companies that give Israel the reputation of "the start-up nation." Boris and Polina found work in the United States, where their talents for computer coding and algorithms have been recognized by Silicon Valley corporations. Most of the team stayed on in Israel at Rafael, working on defense systems unrelated to Iron Dome. Some moved to a project called David's Sling, named for the simple weapon used by the future Kng David to launch the rock that felled the giant Goliath. While Iron Dome was designed to track and stop short-range, erratic rockets, David's Sling is intended to destroy medium-range missiles before they reach Israeli airspace. Also with U.S. financial support, Israeli inventors have developed the Arrow, Arrow 2 and Arrow 3 systems for protection against long-range missiles. Most of the details of these projects are secret at this time.

There are critics who doubt that Iron Dome is as effective as Israel's

military claims, and they question whether Hamas, Hezbollah or other enemies could overwhelm the system by firing hundreds or thousands of rockets all at once. "Iron Dome works really well as long as the threat is limited," says Michael Armstrong, an associate professor of business at Brock University in Ontario, Canada, who recently published an article entitled "The Effectiveness of Rocket Attacks and Defenses in Israel" in the Journal of Global Security Studies.

"It is really good at dealing with small numbers of rockets, but if an attacker has enough rockets and fires them simultaneously, eventually the system just gets overloaded," he says. "You could always double or triple the number of Iron Dome systems, but then they could double the number of rockets. It's cheaper for them to double the number of rockets." The result, he says, is a potential arms race in which the advantage would likely go to the attacker. Finally, as with all spending, there is the matter of opportunity cost. When "Israel is spending money on an Iron Dome system, what aren't they spending that money on? Should they spend on better bomb shelters and warning systems, or something that would allow them to attack the rocket launchers or all the other things governments need to spend money on?"

There are also worries that as Israel's fear of rockets raining down is reduced, the country has less incentive to pursue long-term peace. Although many of Israel's top strategic analysts agree that Iron Dome is not perfect technologically, they view the defense system as something that opens, not closes, doors for avoiding bloodshed. "The system takes away from Hamas and other enemies in Gaza one of their key weapons, the rockets that fly over the security barrier," says retired Israeli Air Force General Amos Yadlin. A former head of Israeli military intelligence, Yadlin adds: "The strategic effect is that Israel's leaders and the army have more time to try various approaches, including diplomacy, when tensions and violence erupt on the Gaza border. Thanks to Iron Dome, the army doesn't have to rush toward entering Gaza with ground forces, and there also isn't so much need for our artillery and Air Force to attack rocket launchers, which Hamas places next to civilians. This change certainly reduces casualties on the Palestinian side, as well as saving Israelis."

For Levin, now 67 and retired to his small northern Israeli town, Iron Dome remains his proudest professional accomplishment. He is fully aware that the breakthrough he helped invent hasn't solved all of Israel's defense problems, but he knows that, in recent months, Iron Dome has proven its worth again: The system shot down the first barrage of rockets from Syria fired by Iran's Revolutionary Guards over Israel's northern border. This time, he and his family didn't need to spend nights huddled in their computer room.

Iron Dome.

The statistics as regarding the Israeli Iron Dome SAM [surface-air-missile] system and reported on the evening news tonight staggering.

"Iron Dome . . . is a mobile all-weather air defense system . . . It was designed to intercept and destroy short-range rockets and artillery shells fired from distances of 4 to 70 kilometers away and whose trajectory would take them to a populated area . . ."

* One Tamir missile as fired from Iron Dome costs $50,000 per firing.
* One Qassam rocket as fired by Hamas costing $800.
* Iron Dome the cost of which is in the HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS US !
* 90 % of those Grad, Qassam and Fajr rocket artillery rounds inward bound and "constituting a threat" destroyed!

"The estimated cost of each Tamir interceptor missile is US$35,000󈞞,000 whereas a crudely manufactured Qassam rocket costs around $800 . . ."

Of that hundreds of millions of dollars [US] of development costs the brunt of the burden of which primarily borne by the American taxpayer.

"Iron Dome intercepts only rockets determined to constitute a threat, and that the lives saved and the strategic impact are worth the cost."

Iron Dome seems to be working and quite effectively so.

"The Jerusalem Post reported that the system shot down 90% of rockets launched from Gaza that would have landed in populated areas."

Right, Iron Dome ONLY firing at those targets determined to have a potentiality to land in a populated area. NOT every last one of the rocket artillery rounds as fired by Hamas on course and inward bound toward a populated area. Those threatening rockets indeed intercepted and destroyed with efficiency.

I would think ALSO many of those rockets not atomized and blown to smithereens either. Some even when intercepted will reach the ground in size-able chunks or even detonate with explosive destructiveness. NO system is 100 % effective and should never be assumed to be so.

Peshawer air port under attack

All the filth comes from tribal areas.why Lahore airport or Islamabad
Airport were never attached?Because inthose areas humans live.

Which race teaches their ten year old how to shoot and kill?

No civilians were killed but the attacking tribal pushtoons didn't care.

They tried to blow up planes full of passengers. These. Animals should be given back the shitt hole called Afghanistan

American Eagle


I used the Peshawar Airport many times during my tour of duty inside then West Pakistan 1963-65. It is a beautiful site, set in the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains, with a scenic perpetual view of K-2, the second tallest mountain in the world.

I was a lay member of the old Karotorum Mountain Climbing Club while at my posting at the old US Embassy then in Karachi I was a Member of the Karachi Yacht Club, where I first learned to sail as a young USAF First Lieutenant.

It helps to remember some of the better scenes and way life was there before radical terrorists abusing the good name of one of the world's major religions came into the picture.

Irfan Baloch


were they not detected by radars .

American Eagle


The talk with Israel and buy some low tech missiles from them. Pakistan engineers can then replicate these style of missiles to use in future at all Pakistani airports to stop or try to stop terrorist missile attacks.

Good luck in this endeavor and I hope Pakistan in fact does this, and/or ask US for such anti-attack missiles to be included in the proposed $100 million in upcoming military aide program.

Irfan Baloch


The talk with Israel and buy some low tech missiles from them. Pakistan engineers can then replicate these style of missiles to use in future at all Pakistani airports to stop or try to stop terrorist missile attacks.

Good luck in this endeavor and I hope Pakistan in fact does this, and/or ask US for such anti-attack missiles to be included in the proposed $100 million in upcoming military aide program.

indeed I agree. no matter how much time and history has put these people to test, they have come back more stronger. A lot of respect for them although I disagree with their macho'ism and pray that they stop looking at everyone with the gun-sight.

and good day to you sir
I hope you are enjoying the well deserved retirement
your posts make me nostalgic, the 70s and the 80s was the best part of my life when my father was a battery commander in Saudi in border town Sharurah vs the communist yemanis and then he was deployed along the Pak Afghan border during Soviet occupation he was in AAK AAK. we were stationed in Peshawar cantonment back in the days your time is a golden time .

and I will share some pictures with you, someone has shared them in Dawn and that Pakistan was very different.

those are the things of a foregone past.

re Israel we really need some briefing from Jordan, Turkey and Egypt. telling us that accepting Israel has had no ill effect on their faith. I find it unfortunate that we cant.

Indus Falcon


Irfan Baloch


I will really put the politics aside and get hold of their Iron Dome Missile defence system purely from self interest point of view

Saudis have joined hands with them to topple Asad regime so why we should deny ourselves from any possible advantage against TTP?



I will really put the politics aside and get hold of their Iron Dome Missile defence system purely from self interest point of view

Saudis have joined hands with them to topple Asad regime so why we should deny ourselves from any possible advantage against TTP?

Irfan Baloch


resolving Kashmir issue will be much more cheaper for both countries but hey.
when Modi wants to send people out to Pakistan who dont vote for BJP and kick out all the Bangladeshi immigrants back to Khalida zia then what can we do?

American Eagle


In fact the iron dome system is relatively cheap. It is not that sophisticated, as others here have just stated.

It takes all of the different approaches you advocate AND the iron dome system.

ASIDE: No one currently mentions but during the 2000's War on Terrorism and I suspect up to now inside Pakistan and I supect Afghanistan and other trouble nations of that region of the world. the terrorist used low strength AM, perhaps in flatter terrain FM radios for point to point voice communication and to set off roadside and other remote terrorist road side bombs and such.

What has and is being done to "jam" such AM and/or FM radio beams?



resolving Kashmir issue will be much more cheaper for both countries but hey.
when Modi wants to send people out to Pakistan who dont vote for BJP and kick out all the Bangladeshi immigrants back to Khalida zia then what can we do?

In fact the iron dome system is relatively cheap. It is not that sophisticated, as others here have just stated.

It takes all of the different approaches you advocate AND the iron dome system.

ASIDE: No one currently mentions but during the 2000's War on Terrorism and I suspect up to now inside Pakistan and I supect Afghanistan and other trouble nations of that region of the world. the terrorist used low strength AM, perhaps in flatter terrain FM radios for point to point voice communication and to set off roadside and other remote terrorist road side bombs and such.

What has and is being done to "jam" such AM and/or FM radio beams?

Irfan Baloch


ASIDE: No one currently mentions but during the 2000's War on Terrorism and I suspect up to now inside Pakistan and I supect Afghanistan and other trouble nations of that region of the world. the terrorist used low strength AM, perhaps in flatter terrain FM radios for point to point voice communication and to set off roadside and other remote terrorist road side bombs and such.

What has and is being done to "jam" such AM and/or FM radio beams?

back in the days of Musharaf, his motorcade came under few attacks from remote controlled bombs which failed to detonate due to on board counters installed thanks to Uncle Sam.

scrambling the frequency or causing a premature detonation are one of the few things tried. I agree with you about the cost effective nature of anti mortar and rocket defence system. for a start strategic places like airports and army installations and HQ's should be the candidates,

its a multilayer concept when it comes to countering terrorism and listing it here is on no value when we mostly have non-serious attitude from posters who are here to to troll and flame bait

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An iron dome missile costs 50 times the cost of rocket it shoots down. 2 iron dome missiles are fired in response to each Hamas rocket, even then the efficiency is only 90%. Its way expensive, and has been criticized for its high cost.

Not expensive if provided as part of military aide from West. You represent one of the two new major growth economies on the face of the earth. But your military may still have or get military aide from a Western nation or nations?

Also, I will look up some well documented cost analysis on "iron dome."

I know that our US Patriot Missile system is not so costly. It ain't free but for benefit is provides, frankly, any cost is justifiable in today's crazy world.

back in the days of Musharaf, his motorcade came under few attacks from remote controlled bombs which failed to detonate due to on board counters installed thanks to Uncle Sam.

scrambling the frequency or causing a premature detonation are one of the few things tried. I agree with you about the cost effective nature of anti mortar and rocket defence system. for a start strategic places like airports and army installations and HQ's should be the candidates,

its a multilayer concept when it comes to countering terrorism and listing it here is on no value when we mostly have non-serious attitude from posters who are here to to troll and flame bait

American Eagle


Not expensive if provided as part of military aide from West. You represent one of the two new major growth economies on the face of the earth. But your military may still have or get military aide from a Western nation or nations?

Also, I will look up some well documented cost analysis on "iron dome."

I know that our US Patriot Missile system is not so costly. It ain't free but for benefit is provides, frankly, any cost is justifiable in today's crazy world.

back in the days of Musharaf, his motorcade came under few attacks from remote controlled bombs which failed to detonate due to on board counters installed thanks to Uncle Sam.

scrambling the frequency or causing a premature detonation are one of the few things tried. I agree with you about the cost effective nature of anti mortar and rocket defence system. for a start strategic places like airports and army installations and HQ's should be the candidates, its a multilayer concept when it comes to countering terrorism and listing it here is on no value
when we mostly have non-serious attitude from posters who are here to to troll and flame bait

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

US$35,000-50,000 per missile (for domestic usage)[3]
US$50 million per battery

5 batteries deployed (15 launchers)[4]

Three launchers, each carrying 20 interceptors.[5]

Battle Management & Control (BMC) unit of the Iron Dome battery

Iron Dome (Hebrew: כִּפַּת בַּרְזֶל, kipat barzel) is a mobile all-weather air defense system[6] developed by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems.[5] The system is designed to intercept and destroy short-range rockets and artillery shells fired from distances of 4 to 70 kilometers away and whose trajectory would take them to a populated area.[7][8] Israel hopes to increase the range of Iron Dome's interceptions, from the current maximum of 70 km (45 miles) to 250 km and make it more versatile so that it could intercept rockets coming from two directions simultaneously.[9]

Iron Dome was declared operational and initially deployed on 27 March 2011 near Beersheba.[10] On 7 April 2011, the system successfully intercepted a Grad rocket launched from Gaza for the first time.[11] On 10 March 2012, The Jerusalem Post reported that the system shot down 90% of rockets launched from Gaza that would have landed in populated areas.[8] By November 2012, official statements indicated that it had intercepted 400+ rockets.[12][13] On 19 November, defense reporter Mark Thompson wrote that while these numbers were impossible to confirm, the "lack of Israeli casualties suggests Iron Dome is the most-effective, most-tested missile shield the world has ever seen."[14]

On 28 September 2011, Flight Global reported that according to a source at Rafael, the Israel Defense Forces learned during its deployment that Iron Dome is also effective against aircraft up to an altitude of 32,800 ft (10,000 m).[15]

US$35,000-50,000 per missile (for domestic usage)[3]
US$50 million per battery

5 batteries deployed (15 launchers)[4]

Three launchers, each carrying 20 interceptors.[5]

The Islamic Shi'ite militant group Hezbollah, based in Lebanon, began firing rockets indiscriminately into northern Israeli population centers in the 1990s, posing a security challenge for the Israel Defense Forces. Israel had floated the idea of its own short-range antimissile system, but American defense officials cautioned that it would be "doomed to fail".[16]

In 2004, the idea for Iron Dome gained momentum with the installation of Brig. Gen. Daniel Gold as the head of the IDF's research and development bureau. Gold was a strong backer of the antimissile project, even skirting army contracting regulations to secure financing.[16] He also helped persuade key politicians to support the project.[16]

During the 2006 Second Lebanon War, approximately 4,000 Hezbollah-fired rockets (the great majority of which were short-range Katyusha rockets) landed in northern Israel, including on Haifa, the country's third largest city. The massive rocket barrage killed 44 Israeli civilians[17] and caused some 250,000 Israeli citizens to evacuate and relocate to other parts of Israel while an estimated 1 million Israelis were confined in or near bomb shelters during the conflict.[18]

To the south, more than 4,000 rockets and 4,000 mortar bombs were fired indiscriminately into Israeli population centers from Gaza between 2000 and 2008, principally by Hamas. Almost all of the rockets fired were Qassams launched by 122 mm Grad launchers smuggled into the Gaza Strip, giving longer range than other launch methods. Nearly a million Israelis living in the south were within rocket range, posing a serious security threat to the country and its citizens.[19]

In February 2007, Defense Minister Amir Peretz selected Iron Dome as Israel's defensive solution to this short-range rocket threat.[20] Since then, the $210 million system has been developed by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems working jointly with the Israel Defense Forces.[21]

Project leader Colonel S. and his team in the Administration for the Development of Weapons and Technological Infrastructure (Maf'at) had very little spare time, and only in the weekends could they think of an appropriate name for the system. According to Colonel S., "The first name I thought of was 'Anti-Qassam', but when the project started to move forward I realized it was problematic . I sat down with my wife, and together we thought of suitable names. She suggested the name 'Tamir' (Hebrew acronym for טיל מיירט, Til Meyaret, 'interceptor missile') for the missile, and for the system itself we thought of 'Golden Dome'. The following Sunday, 'Tamir' was immediately approved, but there was a problem with 'Golden Dome'—it could be perceived as too ostentatious. So it was changed to 'Iron Dome'."[12][13]

The system is designed to counter short-range rockets and 155 mm artillery shells with a range of up to 70 kilometers. According to its manufacturer, Iron Dome will operate day and night, under adverse weather conditions, and can respond to multiple threats simultaneously.[1]

Iron Dome has three central components:[1][21]

  • Detection & Tracking Radar: the radar system is built by Elta, an Israeli defense company and subsidiary of the Israel Aerospace Industry, as well as the IDF.
  • Battle Management & Weapon Control (BMC): the control center is built by mPrest Systems, an Israeli software company, for Rafael
  • Missile Firing Unit: the unit launches the Tamir interceptor missile, equipped with electro-optic sensors and several steering fins for high maneuverability. The missile is built by Rafael.[22][dead link]

Typical battery[edit]
The typical air defense missile battery consists of a radar unit, missile control unit and several launchers, all located at the same site. Iron Dome, on the other hand, is built to deploy in a scattered pattern – each launcher, containing 20 interceptors, is independently deployed while being operated remotely via secured wireless connection.[23] Reportedly, each battery is capable of protecting an urban area of approximately 150 square kilometers.[24]

The initial funding and development of the Iron Dome system was provided and undertaken by Israel.[25] This allowed for the deployment of the first two Iron Dome systems.[26] Subsequently, funding for an additional eight Iron Dome systems—along with funding for a supply of interception missiles—is currently being provided by the United States, with two of these additional systems having been delivered by 2012.[26] Funding for the production and deployment of these additional Iron Dome batteries and interceptor missiles was approved by the United States Congress, after being requested by President Obama in 2010.[27] In May 2010, the White House announced that U.S. President Barack Obama would seek $205 million from U.S. Congress in his 2011 budget, to spur the production and deployment of additional Iron Dome batteries. White House spokesman Tommy Vietor stated, "The president recognizes the threat missiles and rockets fired by Hamas and Hezbollah pose to Israelis, and has therefore decided to seek funding from Congress to support the production of Israel's short range rocket defense system called Iron Dome." This would be the first direct U.S. investment in the project.[27] Such financial assistance could expedite the completion of the defensive system, which has long been delayed by budgetary shortfalls.[28] A few days later, on 20 May 2010, the U.S. House of Representatives approved the funding in a 410–4 vote.[29] The bill, the United States–Israel Missile Defense Cooperation and Support Act (H.R. 5327), was sponsored by Representative Glenn C. Nye of Virginia.[30] This money was expected to be included in the 2011 budget. Once the money is received in 2011, it will still take a further 18 months before the additional batteries are delivered to the air force.[31]

On 9 May 2011, Haaretz published that Defense Ministry director general Maj. Gen. (res.) Udi Shani said that Israel plans to invest nearly $1 billion in the coming years for the development and production of Iron Dome batteries. "We are no longer approaching this in terms of initial operational capabilities but are defining the final target for absorbing the systems, in terms of schedule and funds. We are talking about [having] 10–15 Iron Dome batteries. We will invest nearly $1 billion on this. This is the goal, in addition to the $205 million that the U.S. government has authorized," Shani said.[32]

On 4 April 2012, Reuters reported that a senior Israeli official, during a briefing to a small group of journalists in condition of anonymity, predicted an increased interception range of up to 250 km, as well as more flexible aiming of Iron Dome units, thus lowering the number of batteries needed for full deployment in Israel. That would help Israel to cope with the prospect of reduced funding from the United States, while a "new round" of talks about missile-defense funding would be completed in two to three months, he anticipated. While praising American largess, the official said US planners have asked Israel to "point out honestly where the upper limit is in terms of what can be implemented" with the Iron Dome. He said the US is "deep in (fiscal) challenges itself", so it does not want to "give money for the sake of it".[33]

In exchange for the second tranche of deployment funding, the United States is asking Israel for access to, and a stake in, elements of the system's technology.[34]

On 17 May 2012, when Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak met with U.S. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, the Pentagon issued a statement from the Secretary saying in part, "I was pleased to inform Minister Barak that the President supports Israel's Iron Dome system and directed me to fill the $70 million in assistance for Iron Dome that Minister Barak indicated to me Israel needs this fiscal year."[35]

On 18 May 2012, the United States House of Representatives passed the Fiscal Year 2013 National Defense Authorization Act, H.R. 4310, with $680 million for Iron Dome in Section 227. The report accompanying the bill, 112–479, also calls for technology sharing as well as co-production of Iron Dome in the United States in light of the nearly $900 million invested in the system since 2011.

SECTION 227, IRON DOME SHORT-RANGE ROCKET DEFENSE PROGRAM, would authorize $680.0 million for the Iron Dome system in fiscal years 2012–15 in PE 63913C for procurement of additional batteries and interceptors, and for operations and sustainment expenses. This section would also require the Director, Missile Defense Agency to establish within MDA a program office for cooperative missile defense efforts on the Iron Dome system to ensure long-term cooperation on this program. The committee is aware that National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2011 (Public Law 111-383) included $205.0 million for the Iron Dome short-range rocket defense system for the State of Israel. The committee notes that the Iron Dome system has proven very effective at defeating threat rockets launched at protected targets. The committee also notes that if the full $680.0 million is used on the program, the total U.S. taxpayer investment in this system will amount to nearly $900.0 million since fiscal year 2011, yet the United States has no rights to the technology involved. The committee believes the Director should ensure, prior to disbursing the authorized $680 million for Iron Dome, that the United States has appropriate rights to this technology for United States defense purposes, subject to an agreement with the Israeli Missile Defense Organization, and in a manner consistent with prior U.S.–Israeli missile defense cooperation on the Arrow and David's Sling suite of systems. The committee also believes that the Director should explore any opportunity to enter into co-production of the Iron Dome system with Israel, in light of the significant U.S. investment in this system.[36]

On 4 June 2012, the U.S. Senate Armed Services Committee included $210 million for Iron Dome, in its version of the National Defense Authorization Act for 2013, S.3254. The bill has been reported out of committee and is waiting to be assigned a date for consideration by the full Senate.[37]

SEC. 237, AVAILABILITY OF FUNDS FOR IRON DOME SHORT-RANGE ROCKET DEFENSE PROGRAM, said that of the amounts authorized to be appropriated for fiscal year 2013 by section 201 for research, development, test, and evaluation, defense-wide, and available for the Missile Defense Agency, $210,000,000 may be provided to the Government of Israel for the Iron Dome short-range rocket defense program as specified in the funding table in section 4201.

Co-production with the United States[edit]
With the United States on track to greatly increase funding for Iron Dome, there have been calls for technology transfer and co-production of Iron Dome in the United States. Just as the US and Israel share co-production of the Arrow III missile system, with Boeing manufacturing 40–50 percent of the production content, there has been support in the U.S. Congress, media and think tanks in favor of co-production.[38] The U.S. House of Representatives included report language in its FY-2013 Defense Authorization Act supporting Iron Dome with $680 million but also instructing that the Director of the U.S. Missile Defense Agency, Lt. Gen. Patrick O'Reilly, "should explore any opportunity to enter into co-production of the Iron Dome system with Israel, in light of the significant U.S. investment in this system."[39] There are media reports that the Pentagon is requesting similar language in the Senate Defense Authorization Act as well as the respective House and Senate defense appropriations bills for 2013.[40] Adding Iron Dome to the list of high-tech military programs built jointly by both nations would help further strengthen ties between Israel and America.[41]

In 2005, Brig. Gen. Danny Gold, then head of Maf'at, decided to start the program that would include the system's research and a demonstration of the intercepting system.[12][13] In 2007, Israel commissioned the development of Iron Dome, choosing Israeli contractor Rafael over the American giant Lockheed Martin. Israeli company mPrest Systems was put in charge of programming the core of Iron Dome's battle management system. Iron Dome went from the drawing board to combat readiness within less than four years, a remarkably short period of time for a weapons system designed from scratch, according to military experts.[42]

There was no system like this, anywhere in the world, in terms of capabilities, speed, accuracy. We felt like a start-up

—Eyal Ron, a manager at mPrest[42]

"Iron Dome" system intercepting 'Grad' rocket (January 2010 testings)

  • July 2008: the Tamir interceptor missile underwent successful testing.[43]
  • March 2009: Israel successfully tested the missile defense system, though without yet actually intercepting an actual projectile.[44]
  • July 2009: the system successfully intercepted a number of rockets mimicking Qassam and short-range Katyusha rockets in a Defense Ministry test.[45]
  • August 2009: the IDF completed the establishment of a new battalion that will operate the Iron Dome system. The battalion is a part of the Israel Air Force's Air Defense Division. The system was to be first deployed along the Gaza border and then along the border with Lebanon. The system was slated to start operating in mid-2010.[46]
  • January 2010: Iron Dome successfully intercepted multiple rocket barrages mimicking Qassams and Katyushas. Defense Ministry Director-General Pinhas Buchris stated that the system would ultimately "transform" security for the residents of southern and northern Israel.[47]
  • July 2010: The system successfully intercepted multiple rocket barrages mimicking Qassams and Katyushas. During the test, Iron Dome successfully distinguished rockets which were threats from those that would not land in designated areas and did not need to be intercepted.[48]
  • March 2011: Iron Dome was declared operational by the IDF, and Defense Minister Ehud Barak authorized deployment.[49][50]

Iron Beam[edit]
Main article: Iron Beam

At the 2014 Singapore Air Show, Rafael unveiled its Iron Beam laser air-defense system. Iron Beam is a directed energy weapon made to complement the Iron Dome system by using a high-energy laser to destroy rockets, mortars, and other airborne threats.[53]

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Magic Wand.

ONLY today from YNet this announcement. Another successful test of the Israeli Magic Wand system. An anti-missile system designed to intercept and destroy those rocket artillery of the size beyond the Grad or Fajr size. Magic Wand that counter to the the Iranian Zelzal and ballistic missiles such as the Shahab .

Remarkable technology Iron Dome and now Magic Wand. Israeli perhaps the foremost leader in such technology in the world!!

"System meant to intercept any missile fired at Israel from a distance of at least 70 km, slated to become operational in 2014"

"designed to intercept ballistic missile warheads as well as long-range rockets. The interceptor missile, which is based on the most cutting edge technology in air defense, is estimated to cost $1 million."

The cost of one such missile when fired $1 million per shot. Contrast that to the cost of an Iron Dome interceptor $50,000 per firing or one anti-tank-guided-missile [ATGM] when engaging a target $25,000 !

NO ONE ever said war was cheap!

Flying Shark.

This was a minor CNN news item today:

"(CNN) -- China announced Sunday that it had landed a fighter jet on the deck of an aircraft carrier for the first time, but it may be years before the ship is fully operational."

It is not mentioned if the carrier was steaming or at dock . Take-offs and landings both are greatly aided by the factor of steaming, the warship cruising at thirty knots or so INTO THE WIND a big boost to the warplane again on take-off or landing.

This is the J-15 Chinese warplane adapted for carrier operations.

"The J-15's capabilities are comparable to the Russian Su-33 jet and the U.S. F-18"

And please do not expect this Chinese aircraft carrier to be cruising off the west coast of the United States. It may take YEARS before the vessel and organic air wing is combat ready for sailing and routine operations as the U.S. Navy has engaged in for over eighty years now!!

Vaxxxidents, Dark Agenda, Chaos, Biden Admin Collapse – Clif High

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (Saturday Night Post)

Internet data mining expert Clif High uses something he calls “Predictive Linguistics,” which sorts through billions of bits of information on the Internet to predict future trends and events.

High predicted Trump would win in 2016, and, on election night, High also predicted Hillary Clinton would go “missing,” and both happened. Those are just a few of the big calls High has made over the years. High no longer sells his work to the public, but still does Internet research. High has new data on multiple subjects. Let’s start with new data that paints a very “Dark Agenda” with the lab created CV19 virus and the experimental “vaccines” to treat it. We start with a new term he has come up with called “Vaxxxidents.” According to High’s data, Vaxxxidents are a coming trend for people who have taken the CV19 vaccine. High explains, “Vaxxxidents are going to be caused by the creeping brain fog that is caused by the spike protein (in the vaccine). Spike protein is the bio weapon. It does not matter how it gets into your body, if it comes in through the virus or it comes in with an injection, the spike protein is the toxin. . . . You think less well over time. The time component is going to be months and maybe 24 months. It’s sort of like Alzheimer’s. . . . So, we are going to have accidents all the time. . . . We also have another category, and this is caused by a blood clot in the brain. They are not calling them strokes because they don’t want to assign them as a side effect of the vaccines, but they are both. . . . Some of the more extreme cases will be characterized as ‘zombie’ types of incidents.” (There is much more in this in the interview.)

High also says, “There is so much we don’t know about the vaccines and their side effects. . . . There are written estimates associated with Big Pharma that are say 60% or 70% of the cohort who have been maximally vaccinated and encounter Covid this coming fall and winter will die. These are idiots that are making these estimates. . . . I do not personally think 60% to 70% of these people will die. I do expect it will be that sort of percentage who will get very ill from encountering Covid. This is confirmed with the amount of people showing up in hospitals that they are calling breakthroughs.”

There is no doubt that vaccinated people are going to get sick in a variety of ways. There are increasing reports of death and adverse reactions to the CV19 vaccines. Here is a headline that came out today (6.12.21) that backs this idea up: “SHOCKING JUMP in Vaccine Deaths Reported This Week at CDC-Linked VAERS Tracking Website.” Most people getting sick and dying are going to be Democrats according to High’s data. High explains, “19 out of 20 Democrats have taken or plan to take the vaccine. Whereas, basically, only one out of four non- Democrats are planning to take the vaccine or even susceptible to want to take the vaccine. Also, nearly 75% of the non-Democrat cohort is fixed that they shall not take it. So, as the damage starts showing up, we are going to see it is very much a political segregation that we have achieved ourselves, and we are manifesting it in a disease state.”

So, the Democrats are killing off their own voters? High says, “Correct, and it’s more than that. They are killing off the true believer class, the activist class. (There is much more on this too in the interview.)

High also sees huge changes to the political and economic system, and he says, “Dollar, gold silver and Bitcoin are related, and it all revolves around the crash of the system. This truly is a shift of the ages. It’s a change of an operating system for all of humanity . . . . The way the fiat currencies are organized and the central banks and so on is fundamentally bankrupt. It’s not offering anything to humanity, and it is keeping us all down. It’s being shed. That’s what’s happening at the moment. This is going to bring chaos at the level of death of major empires. There was a little bit of chaos when the British Empire died, but not a whole lot. I am talking about the level of chaos when the Byzantine Empire died that led into the Dark Ages.” (There is much more in the interview on where Bitcoin, gold, silver and the dollar are heading and when.)

High also make this prediction for this year and says, “By fall, the Biden Administration will be in full collapse.”

(There is much more in the interview including when or if Donald Trump will make it back into the White House.)

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Internet data mining expert Clif High, the creator of a new product called “Pure Sleep.”

(Program Note: What is written here is a fraction of what is in this 76 min. interview. Because of the length of this in-depth interview, this will be the only post until the Weekly News Wrap-Up on 6/18/21. Yes, it’s that good, and everyone needs to take it all in.)

After the Interview:

Clif High says he no longer sells his Internet data mining reports, but he does sell a new product called “Pure Sleep” that he created. To buy “Pure Sleep” click here.

(Greg Hunter and USAWatchdog.com do not get any sort of compensation from Clif High. This is being posted as a courtesy.)

This segment is sponsored by Discount Gold and Silver Trading. Ask for Melody Cedarstrom, the owner, at 1-800-375-4188.

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Evening, Greg! Been refreshing hoping to bring this one up. Thanks for all you do, sir!

Fiat currency is clearly dying. Bitcoin… Cliff said the dollar is dead… but Bitcoin is only digits. I am no expert but I am pretty sure there are people out there who know how to erase digits in a nanosecond. So Cliff argues, Bitcoin is replacing say $100,000 useless pieces of paper down the road. So for that… you have a Bitcoin worth what? Nothing of Value… thin air, digits.

Just thinking… I’d rather have gold and silver… unincumbered land, food supplies, weapons, ammunition, and an old 57 Chevy that can’t be turned off by the Globalists.

Better yet, perhaps we should all be thinking about taking a large step back from the false narrative of “safe, futuristic” computerized AI driven digital money and SOCIETY.

It is our country, the political class is destroying it. Seems like it’s time to turn this around, ESPECIALLY SO, now that it is being revealed they may have murdered many of us on a Biblical scale. .

Nano is better than Bitcoin

So Bitcoin is basically only digits, but it’s pretending to be something else.

Some “fidgets” tried to pretend they were something else, and it didn’t work out too well for them!

Sorry, link is here for the “fidgets.”

hey, thanks for clip, it was cute.

I am prepared as you are but have a 55 Chevy as my vehicle of choice if needed!

Also agree. Furthermore, Mr. High’s assumptions and assertions about crypto are steeped in the mind of a seasoned coder — he’s good at handling data efficiently. It ends there. For example, his notion that efficiency is “always” the driver of trade or the Universe’s objective. Not so. There are multiple drivers that influence trade, not transaction cost alone, any economist will tell you that. Another note about the multiple driver of an outcome thing… Linus Pauling took loads of vitamin C and he lived to be 92. Sounds like erroneous cause and effect statement, one that a qualified researcher would not make. Who knows what other variables were in play. My common sense response about supplements is, overuse of supplements may overload your liver.

It seems like he would be more credible if he were to stick to his trade and limit his conjecture to what he does well. Coding and reporting.

The longevity of Linus Pauling statement is a bit of an oversimplification (doesn’t describe a holistic protocol), but it is echoed by Andrew Saul, who is on the editorial board of the Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine. Pauling was an expert on Vitamin C therapy at the very least and is worth investigating. You may also want to investigate Andrew Saul and why he is called the Megavitamin Man: http://www.doctoryourself.com/index.html

thanks so much for the link you included. much research i do is in the medical field and i had not run into this site yet. being in recovery i found bill w. articles on suppliments very interesting. what i found in your post is one of the main reasons i almost always read posts and often check out links they included, which has served my insatiable curiosity very well. thank you

Hi Kurt,
Many thanks for the link. Useful info!

Bitcoin lives in something called a “distributed ledger”. Computers all over the internet have a copy of this ledger, which they update and verify. The distributed ledger is a consensus shared of all Bitcoin transactions, wallets, etc. There is no central control, as there is in the banking system. Bitcoin can’t just be erased. People may argue (and have) that if the internet goes down, Bitcoin is gone. The situation is considerably more complicated, and subtle, than that. Did you know that you can hold Bitcoin by just having memorized the long word phrase that defines YOUR particular wallet? You don’t need electronic anything, until you decide to purchase or spend. There is a lot more that could be said, but the whole Bitcoin ecosystem cannot just be erased like “regular” digital data. FWIW, I hold gold, silver, mining stocks, and cryptocurrencies.

Claudia … I have a Personal Stack of Silver Coins (that are “very very limited” in number) … and I have decided to sell a piece (ABIT) of my very limited Personal Stack of Silver Coins as an “electronic entry” on a distributed ledger … where computers all over the worldwide internet have a copy of this ledger … which is updated and verified in real time (as each buy and sell transaction of my ABIT tokens takes place on this “distributed ledger”) … and every person who holds one of my ABIT electronic tokens in their wallet can be assured that their purchase and transaction history on the distributed ledger “can never be destroyed” as it will be available and shared by all ABIT holders (all transactions, wallets, etc. can never be destroyed … and there will never be any central control … as this is “a private currency token” created completely outside the banking system) … so my ABIT “electronic tokens” can never be erased even if the internet goes down “as everyone has a copy of the distributed ledger” … and best of all my ABIT crypto tokens are totally outside the criminal banking system … I will be selling one of my ABIT crypto tokens for $50,000 dollars … let me know if you are interested and the amount you would like to buy … the greatest thing about my ABIT token is that it is backed by “a limited amount” of real physical one ounce silver coins that I own and keep safe in a lock box … and best of all my silver coins have “universal intrinsic value” … unlike Bitcoin which is just some “prime number” (that has “limited value” to a bunch of mathematics geeks for use in their random number or encryption codes)!!

Clauda … I am offering a 10% discount if you buy my “un-allocated” ABIT tokens (for only $45,000 dollars each) … this will give me added flexibility to sell the silver coins held in the lock box “short” (every time Stan gives the word).

You believe your post to be amusing but it only illustrates your gross lack of comprehension of cryptocurrency. YNGMI

Kevin … So why don’t you explain to everyone what makes an electron bit inside a computer as valuable as a new car??

I am very much like you . I hold the same. And I plan to exit the city. May God help us all when the pin is pulled.

the only reason the dollar ever had value is because it was backed by Gold. the only reason we backed the dollar with Gold is because we simply agreed that Gold had value. If we agree that something else has value for what ever reasoning we come up with, then it will have value. Take your pick Au, Ag, BTC, wooden nickels, or dollars.
We each create our own reality simply by making decisions, a gift from God/Universe, all we have to do is decide.
Note: If 2 people are marooned on a deserted island and one of them has a bag of Gold and the other has nothing, my guess is that neither one is rich until they are rescued.

Jeff … No …No … No … that’s like assuming that everyone will agree that being sterile is as valuable as having the ability to have a child … creating reality (like having a child) makes one rich … being sterile is like having nothing … so your guess that the person having gold (a child) is not rich until they are rescued is wrong … consider this more concrete example … here are two people on the deserted island of Manhattan … … https://assets.zerohedge.com/s3fs-public/styles/inline_image_mobile/public/inline-images/epoch.jpg?itok=p2tPYJU2 … the nurse “is not rich” as she probably already took the jab and is now sterile … the young women sitting in the chair “is rich” as she still owns something as precious as gold (the ability to have a child) [only because the Pfizer vaccine expired] … you can’t assume being rescued off the island is the determining factor as to which one is rich … https://www.zerohedge.com/covid-19/899-patients-given-expired-jabs-times-square-vaccination-site … but sadly … once the young women sitting in the chair reschedules to get a new jab … she will become as sterile as the nurse … and so when the two are eventually rescued off Manhattan Island … “both” will be poor!!

And according to Klaus Schwab both these sterile women “will be happy” … as they will own nothing!!

Looking into her eyes as she is being jabbed … I can see “her happiness” (as she is being sterilized) … which shows “you don’t need to own gold” to be happy … you can own nothing (like electronic digits in a computer) … and still be as happy as someone who owns something (like gold)!!

Not true. We didn’t just assign value to gold by choice. Gold requires work to be mined, refined, and minted. Because of the work required to coin, we can then objectively value other productive work and value against the value of gold. That’s the most efficient way to determine the value of another man’s labor, not by randomly assigning some ones and zeros across in the ether and plugging in your laptop to “virtually mine” the stuff. That is an illusion, a game. The problem is that there are tangible needs that people need to accomplish actual work to provide. The only way to value that fairly is with something equally tangible.

Craig … History is repeating itself as was the case with Diocletian during the time of the Roman Empire … when confidence in the currency imploded as gold and silver was removed from their coinage … today … as in the 3rd century … people have been hoarding their money … until now … as Biden took office the CPI has jumped to almost 8% … inflation has begun to rise because people like in Diocletian times do not trust the future of their fiat money … as in Roman times … barbarians are at Gate … Diocletian tried to introduce all manner of reforms (like the stimulus plans of today) but that is exactly when Rome began to see inflation rise sharply … Roman officials in the periphery provinces began to make rules on their own (like Cuomo and other State Governors do today) … Roman politicians were taking the spoils of taxation “for themselves” (just like the $21 Trillion that recently vanished under our politicians watch) … with the collapse in confidence … with shortages in supply and with and inflation increasing … commerce began to stall … and Diocletian began to structurally arrange the government in such a manner that led toward more centralized control and put all power into his hands (sort of like the way we are using Executive Orders today to move our Republic toward Dictatorship) … as Diocletian progressively consolidated power over the Roman Senate it ended democracy (as we see unfolding today) … and Diocletian also restricted movement of the people (like with today’s Covid lock-downs … where a manufactured virus was created for political gain) … Diocletian shut down the movement of people with the aim “to centralize power” (as we see occurring in our time with the push for a One World Government) … there will always be a greater and greater need to expand government the more an economy declines … and politicians will claim that power by what ever means necessary … by looking at events around the time of Diocletian “we have a very similar crisis awaiting us” … our social system is now crashing … governments are unable to continue to borrow at an absurd zero to negative interest rate … confidence in governments is collapsing … and the “commie” system of endless borrowing has met a brick wall … the political and banking powers that be are now hoping their creation of an identity-based accounting of all fiat money (crypto currencies) will help them trace all transactions and thus increase tax revenues … that is why they have allowed the private crypto currencies to blossom … but the end-game will be the seizing of everything of real value and swapping it for government crypto … but despite all their efforts (just like in Roman times) all is collapsing around them “because confidence has imploded” … today we the people can vote … to represent us in government … but our representatives have no power (look at what happened to Trump) … we are being ruled by a Globalist Elite (entities like Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum) which never stands for election … our elections are now simply symbolic … as history repeats … the outcome will be the same as it always was … they will bring us to War (to consolidate their power over the human race even more) … and they will make us their slaves (who will own nothing and be happy about it)!!

There’s nothing wrong with precious metals, but let’s not pretend your understanding of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies is sound.

L … Why don’t you privilege us with your understanding as to why “a prime number in a computer” is worth more a 2021 Mercedes-Benz!!

Greg, what an outstanding interview. Thank you!

I just tried to forward this interview and Google have shut me down

This Explains why they kept JOE locked up in his basement. If he was out campaigning nobody in their right mind would’ve voted for him. That alone thought he could’ve won.

Do I see a meme here with Joe gradually attracting all iron objects to him as he forgets he was already jabbed? Going to sub to Greg here too.

You know … people getting the jab and becoming magnetic can have one benefit … upon taking an MRI scan (people are always told they should remain motionless) … so becoming magnetic with the jab … will allow you to be stuck motionless inside the MRI tube as required … however … one slight problem being magnetically frozen and trapped in-place between a table and the MRI magnet (which could be a little frightening) … is if you feel your eyes being sucked out of their sockets … and you can’t open your mouth to scream for help … because your magnetized jaw is being held tightly shut!!

What would you if you were told that you must take the jab, and if you refuse, your mobile phone SIM card would be disabled?

No Vax, No Phone – Pakistan Province To Block Sim Cards Of The Unvaccinated?

JC … I own no mobile phone!!

I never expected to see cliff high on Greg hunters show, what a surprise.
A very good Surprise, he is intellegant, but his believe that he is on his 80 million life is Aaaaaaa hard to believe since i personally met the Holy Spirit (pure LOVE) God.

Why would you say that when Clif has been on Greg’s show many times before?

This is going to a very good interview.

Great, now I’m looking forward to work Monday so I can listen to this interview. Hour commute each way!

what about a long term water fast for people that took the vaccine? i’ve found water fasting VERY helpful for other ailments (I AM NOT A DOCTOR DO YOU OWN RESEARCH), but wondering if that would help?

Problem is the nanobots, fasting will not get rid of the bots in your body. Check out Tony Pantelleresco, he has videos on how to get rid of the bots.

What if Bill Gates and Fauci who are looking for immortality for themselves (as they kill the rest of us off)… put some of these 24,000 year old animal cells into their “experimental” jab along with jelly fish genes … just to see … how it affects us human guinea pigs lifespans … they recently found a 24,000-year-old animal … alive, well and ready to reproduce … and I bet many moral scientists are dying (refusing) to clone it with human DNA!! … https://news.yahoo.com/24-000-old-animal-found-185108232.html

Eric Clapton video, talks about the “vaccine” and the side effects he experienced. Sad.

Thank you Anthony for all your support!

Mike Yeadon’s last interview done with Del Bigtree,He accused his peers & govt of officials/advisors,of Mass Murder by deliberate suppressing treatments that would have saved many lives ..in fact,it would have been over in months..

There is no doubt that fauci banned hydroxy chloroqine and other treatments. He is directly responsible for 50k plus deaths. Fauci needs gitmo!

Meant: Mike Yeadon’s last interview done with Del Bigtree,He accused his peers & govt of officials/advisors,of Mass Murder by deliberately suppressing treatments that would have saved many lives ..in fact,it would have been over in months..

Will there be another Nuremberg and hanging that came with it?

I do believe there will indeed be a 2.0. These gov stooges caused 50k plus deaths due to their naked profiteering. These dirtbags need to be arrested today!

If you listened to Steve Bannon’s podcast this past week (or watched it on Rumble), he featured interviews with Yeadon to discuss the pandemic and the vax. He also interviewed an international attorney who goes after big corporations, and who is preparing a lawsuit, much like the Nuremberg trials. Very interesting. Please give it a listen.

Reiner Fuellmich (‘u’ with umlaut in German, ‘ue’ in English) He is on http://www.bitchute.com

Nope, probably wont be another hanging because they would in all likelihood have to hang the hangman along with the rest.

Mr.hunter I respect you a lot, can some one show me where the virus has been isolated . the who and cdc world wide have not shown any evidence of it being purified. Most of the people believe this was leaked from a lab, I for one think they have taken the flu and turned it into covid19. These people love power and would do nothing to harm themselves. Hitler said it best the greater the lie the more people can believe it.

Mel … Here is a picture of something “Big Pharma has already isolated” … that they are probably working on right now (to clone with our human DNA) … they will probably test it out on us (without our consent) in the next “experimental vaccines” they are developing!! … https://s.yimg.com/ny/api/res/1.2/AoYAECNLYlhPd3gJSCkv2A–/YXBwaWQ9aGlnaGxhbmRlcjt3PTcwNTtoPTM5Ni45NjkyMzA3NjkyMzA3Ng–/https://s.yimg.com/uu/api/res/1.2/yGnyyuESQBAAlDf8iKAcSw–

You know … when I squint my eyes … I see a well defined head and legs … so all that the Fauci and Gates scientists have to do … is with “a little genetic engineering” to add some arms and then put our DNA into it … and presto … the animal/human hybrid they create … will be able to live for 25,000 years … as for looks … people like Fauci and Gates will likely improve their looks!!

Anthony Australia, thank you for providing this very informative link of Eric Clapton’s interview. I was especially moved by Mr. Clapton’s down to earthiness and am happy to learn that his concerns are as typical as mine or anybody else I’ve known in my +65 years of living.

I personally think the goal of the globalist is much bigger than population reduction. I see 5G and the star link satellite system as the creation of the global cloud, and the mRNA based nanotechnology is being used to link you with it. The mRNA is literally turning your body into a living transmitter. Thus the magnetic properties from the jab. I have spent hours pouring over data at the World Economic Forum website, and it is clear to me that the global reset will be using all of the components I just listed. They literally want to create a centralized global government to control all of humanity in order to save the planet from global warming. Thousands of corporations and over 189 countries have signed off on it under Agenda 21. It’s all happening right in front of you in measured steps. When they are ready to pull the trigger on the reset, the global economy will collapse, and the internet and the current grid will be taken down and switched over to a quantum system linked with star link.

Hi Greg,Doubt it because I truly believe the global control we see now is getting even worse,and looks like a carbon copy of Revelation 13 ..we are almost there Greg. This is clearly leading the world into the mark 666 bar-codes, microchip in the right hand etc…
Just look at the parallel prophecies over Jerusalem & Israel.Jesus has to return there to save a third of the Jews when they all attack Israel.

Correction:Hi Greg,Doubt it because I truly believe the global control we see now is getting even worse,and looks like a carbon copy of Revelation 13 ..we are almost there Greg. This is clearly leading the world into the mark 666 bar-codes, microchip in the right hand etc…
Just look at the parallel prophecies over Jerusalem & Israel.Jesus has to return there to save a third of the Jews when they all attack Israel.
Then in Ezekiel 38-39 The Gog & magog war:
Ezekiel 38: 16 And thou shalt come up against my people of Israel, as a cloud to cover the land it shall be in the latter days, and I will bring thee against my land, that the heathen may know me, when I shall be sanctified in thee, O Gog, before their eyes.

17 Thus saith the Lord God Art thou he of whom I have spoken in old time by my servants the prophets of Israel, which prophesied in those days many years that I would bring thee against them?

18 And it shall come to pass at the same time when Gog shall come against the land of Israel, saith the Lord God, that my fury shall come up in my face.

Ezek 39:22 So the house of Israel shall know that I am the Lord their God from that day and forward.

23 And the heathen shall know that the house of Israel went into captivity for their iniquity: because they trespassed against me, therefore hid I my face from them, and gave them into the hand of their enemies: so fell they all by the sword.

24 According to their uncleanness and according to their transgressions have I done unto them, and hid my face from them.

25 Therefore thus saith the Lord God Now will I bring again the captivity of Jacob, and have mercy upon the whole house of Israel, and will be jealous for my holy name

26 After that they have borne their shame, and all their trespasses whereby they have trespassed against me, when they dwelt safely in their land, and none made them afraid.

27 When I have brought them again from the people, and gathered them out of their enemies’ lands, and am sanctified in them in the sight of many nations

28 Then shall they know that I am the Lord their God, which caused them to be led into captivity among the heathen: but I have gathered them unto their own land, and have left none of them any more there.
Ezek 39
19 For in my jealousy and in the fire of my wrath have I spoken, Surely in that day there shall be a great shaking in the land of Israel

20 So that the fishes of the sea, and the fowls of the heaven, and the beasts of the field, and all creeping things that creep upon the earth, and all the men that are upon the face of the earth, shall shake at my presence, and the mountains shall be thrown down, and the steep places shall fall, and every wall shall fall to the ground.

21 And I will call for a sword against him throughout all my mountains, saith the Lord God: every man’s sword shall be against his brother.
22 And I will plead against him with pestilence and with blood and I will rain upon him, and upon his bands, and upon the many people that are with him, an overflowing rain, and great hailstones, fire, and brimstone.

23 Thus will I magnify myself, and sanctify myself and I will be known in the eyes of many nations, and they shall know that I am the Lord.
Neither will I hide my face any more from them: for I have poured out my spirit upon the house of Israel, saith the Lord God.

Looks like a giant motherboard doesn’t it? Now you know why Bill Gates is involved. Microsoft is the world leader in digitization.

It’s all planned.

J5 … These evil Demon rats are killing us by “lethal injection” … for having committed “no crime” … other then … living as God intended when he said: “produce and multiply” … which to the eugenicists consider “a heinous crime” … requiring “the removal of the balls and breasts” of our young children who can’t yet conceive … and requiring immediate death for everyone old enough to procreate and conceive another human!! … such is the Satanic beliefs they hold in their “Warped” and likely on “Speed” psychopathic minds!!

Please be aware … all you the young women and men out there who took the experimental jab” … You Are Now Infertile!! … you can’t sue Big Pharma for what they have done to you (taking away your birth right) … but “you can” sure as hell boycott all the products they sell … and force them into bankruptcy!!

Sterilization is only part of it. There is a much darker agenda.

Guys, if you haven’t seen Fall of the Cabal do yourself a favor – it will answer all your questions these ladies did a superb job. Over 80 mil views so far.

Greg what a great interview. Hopefully you saw my email. Erin Marie is a woman whom I believe would come on this show as she was one of the first Whistle Blowers out there about Covid 19 in New York. I have messaged her and I am waiting for a reply but I have kept in contact with her in the past and she has done other interviews with people I follow. Thanks for all that you do Greg.

As for C60 I have been using it for several years now. Right now I have a newer one, which is C60 /with Hemp Oil. I used to have Floaters in my eyes that drove me up the wall. After using it the Floaters have substantially diminished, and are barely noticeable anymore. I use it every day and many things have changed for me.


Hi Pearl, Where do you buy your C-60 w/hemp oil and how long did you take it before you noticed the floaters diminishing? Thanks, I know what you mean about floaters driving you nuts!

Pearl, where can I buy C60 with hemp oil? Thanks.

I had wanted to possibly recommend this to my mom. Can you tell me more?
Would really appreciate it.

I’m wondering how this is different than using Zeolite. I understand it does something similar for removing what the liver cannot.

C … “Carbon 60” (C60) is a “free radical sponge” (that neutralizes free-radicals in the body and it’s power never diminishes) … it protects the body from aging while supporting faster healing, increased energy levels,and a healthy inflammatory response … those who idiotically took the jab should look into taking it … as it is not only non-toxic but increased the lifespan of rats by 90% … so it could be of tremendous benefit to those idiot Demon-rats who took the jab (and now find out they have only 2 years to live) … it also improves cognition (thinking ability) something all the rats need (not just Bribe’n who is trying to make the world “Carbon free”) … remember “it is the free radicals in the body that ages us” … imagine … taking C60 and living for many hundreds of years (like Noah)!! … obviously … any government that has to pay Social Security to people who are now on the verge of living “almost forever” … needs help from people like Gates, Fauci and Big Pharma who can come up with a diabolical plan “to kill off most of the human race” … and they must implement the plan rapidly and worldwide (at warp speed) … before the human population wakes up.

And … at a minimum … if they can’t kill all of us (as outlined on their Georgia Guide-Stones )… they definitely need to rapidly “sterilize everyone” … at Warp Speed!!

Clif knows so much because he’s merged so many critical discipkines in his now long life compared to average Joe (not Jsnip4 Joe!). Speed reading at wild rates…computer science geek …natural anti cancer creator, ” free energy entrepreneur” and on and on and on. Clif’s life is a like an ongoing bestseller no one wants to put down!

I agree, Mr. Mike. Specialization implies ignorance.

You got Cliff High.
Love this guy! Been trying to find the latest video from him, and YOU GOT IT.

I check his channel everyday for a new vid I wish he’d post on his BitChute when he has interviews on another channel. He had a good one last week on the YT channel “The Gentlemen of Crypto”

Take vitamin D3 along with K2. Get you levels checked every 6 months. Optimal Vit D listen to video but Dr s I know say optimal is 60-80 (video says more)

https://drgominak.com/<<500. If it is not, in addition to vitamin D take 1000 mcg vitamin B12 pill per day. The shots of B12 are not better than the pills.”

Well done Greg another high bar broken and I think it’s all believable..great interview

Why the NWO Loves Bitcoin “Bitcoin IS the global digital currency (reset) we’ve been hearing about. It is the FedCoin / digital dollar. That’s why it was dropped anonymously. Why the hell do you think all of these FED member Banks & Wall Street are integrating it into every area of their systems/framework? You thought BTC was Banker Kryptonite?? Why do you think the big tech companies are now moving their excess “cash” positions into it?” You Bitcoin people need to pull your head out ! Bitcoin is worse than paper money in all ways! You cant touch it you cant hide it you cant use it without a computer Ect .Ect. It’s the bankers wet dream – The mark of the beast cashless society. The answer is gold and silver coins marked in purity and weight with no face value circulating as money And it would be just as covenant as paper money is today. You will have a debt card just like today. The only gold in the bank is what you choose to store there ! Paper and electronic currency doesn’t solve the problem ! It leaves the door wide open for the banks to create all the out of thin air debt as they like ! Just like what we have today ! So wake up ! It’s time to shake the bitcoin allusion Its a get rich quick scheme and the bankers dream. We only trade in gold and Silver coin with only a purity and weight ! This way the coins don’t disappear from circulation when they devalue there bank notes ! Or better yet outlaw paper notes. That’s why we don’t put a dollar amount on the coins ! They ALWAYS print print print! Then we will go back to the days when a Silver Dime will buy a double scoop ice cream and a Silver Quarter will buy a gallon of Gas or MORE ! And the prices would stabilize A Silver 1964 Quarter Today buys over $5.00 and a Silver 1964 Dime buys over $2.00 https://www.apmex.com/category/25800/junk-silver-coins-35-40-90-silver/all?vt=g

The HUGE hole in your argument is there are only 21 million Bitcoin to ever be mined, plus it is decentralized. The inherent scarcity and the fact the bankers don’t control, make it ultimately valuable. It has been trashed by banksters since inception for these reasons but with their monetary schemes coming to an end, even they see the value and are rushing to get a piece of the pie.

Don’t be another Jamie Diamond-like idiot, Collin. Learn about Bitcoin, and not just BTC. It’s not the real Bitcoin. It’s OK as a store of value for the billionaires. But it won’t be used for buying coffee. Some other crypto will. Nothing can stop an idea whose time has come. The main thing to understand about cryptos is whether the crypto is centralized (controlled by the government or central bank) or de-centralized (not controlled by humans, but by a computer program that is open for anyone to look at and understand if they know how to read C++, and running on computers all over the world). Stop making ridiculous comments about Bitcoin until you, at least, know that distinction. As an alternative to centrally controlled fiat, it is the revolution that will free the people from control by the ultra-rich, such as Rockefeller, who own the banks.

Amen. Bitcoin is a concept that alludes alot of people. I am into privacy coins now(bitcoin is not private) monero and pirate chain are my favs…

This was the most interesting Clif High interview you have done, Greg. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I agree that the CCP has attacked us, and just about everything else that Clif discussed.

Cliff High essentially said that silver has a potential that is six times greater than Bitcoin. You would get a return of 36 times your investment on silver and and a return of six times on Bitcoin. On this basis I would not buy bitcoin because silver has a better history of reliability as well as a substantially better ROI. .

PRICE Potential Multiplication
Silver – $28 $1,0000 36
Bitcoin – $35,000 $200,000 06

Hi Fred,
Great observation – so succinctly illustrated.

Clif is a very interesting guy and I have faith in his ‘predictive linguistics’ system, however, I always keep in mind that he once worked for Bill Gates’ Microsoft in a very senior capacity. Also, his faith in software systems – his life’s work and natural forte – is bound to inform AND to prejudice his perception of crypto currency. A currency that can be turned off, just like the internet.

Yes, he was a mercenary software troubleshooter. For everyone. Not just Gates. // On a sad note, my director of operations announced his retirement after 40+ years. Loved by all, very good man. Late Friday, it was announced that he has passed away. My company has been pushing the Xav… Not for me, wondering if I am going to be the “Last man standing”.

I really miss you on govtube, your one of the few sites that tells it like it is, all of this has been known to those with eyes to see and ears to hear I am glad a few peaple are finally figuring it out, been prepping for years I knew all this would eventually happen since the early 70,s its been breathtaking to see it all finally coming together, keep the faith Greg God richly bless you.

My wife got both shots.. I’m keeping an eye on her.. I wont get any- I don’t trust the government and according to Mr High, with good reason..
Here is a public service link… If your employer is threatening you and your job regarding this experimental vax, go here and print this card..

My response when pressured – “show me who I can sue if there are complications and something bad happens like I lose my job”.

That usually ends the conversation and makes them think.

My sister is a realtor. At her job they all got this notice about two weeks a go, JUST SAYING. I removed the name, was just a first name. I don’t know the current situation:

“Asking for your prayers today. One of our beloved Team Members is in a coma after receiving the COVID vaccine.
Her name is _____, and she is one of the most wonderful, happy people I know. She is well respected by all who know her, and always brings a smile to the faces of everyone in the room.
Please pray for her recovery, and for the well-being and comfort of her children.”

H … This is when it really hurts (not when Big Pharma kills off Demons) but when they kill off wonderful happy people who always bring a smile to the faces of everyone who knows them!!

Greg, it was absolutely phenomenal. I’m really getting a big head here. My cycles are in agreement with Bo and Clif. Fantastic.
Lo Iyrah.

What is it you cycles are saying Country Codger?

Hello Walrus,
The height of this cycle will diminish on June 14th and the cycle will subside but not dissipate as it normally would on July 14th. I am factoring in persistence all the way into the next cycle which will crank up in early October. Persistence is not something that i have been factoring in until the cycle of late 2020 and early 2021. I talk about all of this here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i2BAME-Ry6Y
I got shut out because of something until the 39 minute mark but finally made it back. After a great deal more research we have to be wary of the next cycle in the fall and winter. It is going to be rough in my opinion.

CC……I listened to the entire episode with great interest. Thank you very much. I believe that the more information we can all share together will translate to more understanding of God’s Word and Plan for us in the coming days.

The future becomes understandable ONLY when you understand the past.

If you hitch your wagon to the devil there will eventually be hell to pay.
Understand that they will never stop.
Everything is your responsibility.
Keep organizing.
Keep training.
Never give up your guns.

No One is Coming to Save YOU!

Wow! I can’t believe how fast the time went listening to this. So much good info and he answered a lot of questions I’ve had about our currency going forward. Wow! Thanks, Greg, for this interview!

Greg, when I saw the word Vaxxxidents, my first thought was Clif High. Thank you for bringing him on! P.S. PURE SLEEP REALLY WORKS!

That is just SO SO CLASSIC, and exactly what i personally told many of my own close friends, that the democrats themselves, would become victim to their own wretched VAX shots (jabs that are in no way, shape, or form even remotely close to any level of providing immunity to covid19 or any of its variants). Way to go Cliff baby ! Smack them DEMS upside the head with some TRUTH . I love what Cliff has to say most of the time, but not all the time, bc I think he is a whack job ROYALE, but he is a fun one for some good ole fashioned verbal butt kicking of all the libtards. He must drive people like Stan, and whats her face, who used to blow left wing chow on here every other week.

Congrats on breaking your paradigm and allowing your followers to experience something really special with Clif High. Lucky for us, he is one of only a few very precious resources that we need in these trying times.

Trump returning. Doubt it. Still, this has been the rumor ever since election night went stolen.

The Supreme Court did not stand up for Trump the First Time. Why would they now? Since the People are the Power, someone must organize the People and Push the Issues!

So thrilled with this interview.

Great stuff on Bitchute for those who wish to follow him.

Trump did whatever he did — and you can like it or not. But who can forgive him for mentioning Dr. Zelenko’s Hydroxychloroquine (+Zinc) protocol and then dropping it and backing Fauci and the Warp Speed killer vaccine—which Trump is STILL supporting.

Nor can we forgive him for signing the Corona Executive Order which allowed governors to become dictators (since most state constitutions forbid such actions without a Presidential Executive Order) and Trump never undid that order.

Trump killed the economy and now the vaccine HE supported is killing people.

As a side note: don’t forget he let Deep State Rudy file lawsuits with technical errors so that judges could throw out challenges to the election results—and, in any case, those lawsuits never included the necessary smoking guns.

After watching an interview of R F K Jr. with Mike Adams , it appears to Jr. that their was a clear case of collusion between Gates and Fauci for worldwide vaccination therapy, in which the both of these immoral egomaniacs would gain greatly financially, with no care of the consequences to those vaccinated. It’s criminal that we do not have a true investigative body in congress, because these two would potentially be brought up on charges for crimes against humanity. Really looking forward to R F K’s book about this subject that is due out shortly. Another fine investigative interview Greg, so thankful for USA Watchdog.

I vividly remember getting the Alta Report years ago, that went into detail of the (presumed Sun’s) Corona causing serious bodily injury, and it really scared me bad. So in response I was shopping for welder goggles so the Sun wouldnt burn my eyes, and special clothing to keep UV light from my skin. And it is too funny that Corona had a double meaning, we all – including Cliff – presumed it was the Sun. A virus pathogen wasnt even on the radar at the time.

I just wouldn’t be at all surprised to see a massive die off of those who took the vaccine. I’ve already seen a number of people who had both doses die from liver failure and even more from clots. I think lots of them will die before they ever get exposed to the Covid.

I knew someone who had liver problems and he managed them for years. He was doing fine. A few months after both jabs he went downhill fast and died.

The problem with the COVID Vaccine kill off is that it will place the USA in a very weakened position that may invite foreign attack. I figure all those that took the COVID Vaccine will die when the matching activator virus is released. This all could come down in the next 3 or 4 months. If so, there will be no more elections. That will be a mute point.

Cliffs been around for years. Hes tried & tested and not found wanting!

Greg, thank you for (once again) introducing me to information that I wouldn’t have seen elsewhere.

I have to admit that I wasn’t familiar with Mr. High before this – hadn’t heard of him – which is surprising to me, as he appears to have had a following for some time.

As I watched the word POLYMATH came to mind — Mr. High certainly appears to qualify.

All I can say from this interview as a first impression is: over the last several years I’ve got my guard up about any new information or opinion source, they have to prove themselves. Like all of us, I’ve been burned too many times by folks who I thought were “white hats.”

That said, Mr. High has passed first muster – I want to see and hear more from him. One can choose to trust him, or not, but there is no doubt that he provides much food for thought.

Clif always has interesting things to say. My 2 cents – re. Covid and shots:
Executive summary: Hypoactive delirium symptoms may be a pro-drome for more serious dementia in long-Covid patients and/or persons that have gotten the Covid-shot(s). Hypoactive delirium is where the person is underactive, sleepy and slow to respond (see Delirium and Mental Confusion: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment & Prevention (clevelandclinic.org)) The non-clinical symptom of “brain fog” that denotes difficulty concentrating, thinking and/or retaining information may be a subset of symptoms on the milder end of the spectrum of hypoactive delirium.

Background: The acute near-term phase of Covid disease and taking the Covid shots can be similar – and are probably linked to the host response to the toxic effects of the spike protein (from the Covid virus and/or the Covid shots). Many no doubt have seen the scary videos of Covid victims keeling over in China or the “vaccinated” after the Covid-shot passing-out. A known side effect of ACE-2 inhibitors is dizziness. ACE-2 inhibitors are used to treat high blood pressure (i.e. act by lowering a patient’s blood pressure) – anyone can see that logically an overdose for example of an ACE-2 inhibitor could cause abnormally low blood pressure which could result in dizziness or the patient passing-out.

The Covid spike protein (from the virus or the shots) is known to bind the ACE-2 receptor (inhibit/block the ACE-2 receptor). This explains the acute phase symptoms in some people that get Covid or the Covid shots, i.e. toxic levels of spike protein bind ACE-2 receptors causing a significant (dangerous) drop in blood pressure – that causes dizziness or passing-out.

Evidence is emerging that longer term effects of Covid disease (see Network medicine links SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19 infection to brain microvascular injury and neuroinflammation in dementia-like cognitive impairment | Alzheimer’s Research & Therapy | Full Text (biomedcentral.com) is hypoactive delirium symptoms – that (I think) may be a pro-drome for longer term serious maybe even fatal dementia. It is logical to surmise that if the hypoactive delirium and risk of dementia are linked to the longer term toxic effects of the spike protein – then the Covid-shots could result in the same, similar or even worse downstream patient outcomes.

This logically leads to the concept that if Covid is a bioweapon (there is ample evidence that it is a non-naturally occurring virus that is the result of genetic engineering gain-function weaponization of a coronavirus by one or more countries that do this work in specialized BSL-4/military laboratories), then the Covid-shots are maybe (at best) acting like a bioweapon that has a similar mechanism of action that is linked at least in part to the toxic effects of the Covid spike protein (again either from Covid 19 virus, or the Covid-shots).

There is evidence that the spike protein (either from the Covid virus or the Covid-shots) causes ADE (antibody-dependent enhancement) reactions – that is hypothesized to be linked to the production of non-neutralizing antibodies against the spike protein that essentially create human-medical-time-bombs – that react very adversely when challenged with Covid virus or Covid-shots or exposure otherwise to spike protein (see In Country After Country, Epidemic Exploded with Vaccination Program (bitchute.com) & Certain antibodies may cause the dangerous part of COVID-19 disease (news-medical.net). This potentially explains the massive spike in cases and/or deaths that have been seen since deploying the Covid-shots particularly ex-US, e.g. India, Brazil, Columbia etc. where the adverse event reporting is (perhaps) more reliable (whistleblowers have come forward in the U.S. indicating that hospitals are affirmatively suppressing Covid-shot adverse event reporting). In the U.S. it is well known now that the PCR testing system has been used incorrectly and intentionally to misrepresent Covid incidence (both over and under representation) depending on the political objective and incentivized financial gains for hospitals. The fact that Covid-shots appear to be linked in the same, similar or worse way to ADE that is seen for Covid disease, means that it is reasonable to speculate that long-term sequalae from Covid-shots with regard to longer term effects such as hypoactive delirium and irreversible or fatal dementia maybe the same, similar or even worse than what is seen to be emerging for long-Covid disease.

Conclusion: The take-away is that folks need to be on the look-out for symptoms in family, friends and colleagues related to hypoactive delirium/dementia and be prepared to help at least with conciliatory and palliative care. The risk is that the vaxed (in particular) will potentially have compromised mental faculties right when their cognitive dissonance is failing to shield them from registering and processing the truth about the Covid-shot and they most likely will have massive dislocation of expectations – until then the coerced will no-doubt call folks that have been fortunate enough to question propaganda narratives and do the research – tinfoil-hat-conspiracy quacks or worse depending on their programing be dangerous weaponized useful-idiot thugs mobilized by DS propaganda to attack the awakened (not woke).

Rantish speculation: The ongoing deployment of Covid-shots may ultimately create a DS engineered zombie-apocalypse that will justify their version of a final solution and/or at least solidify a permanent authoritarian prison-planet Orwellian police state – whether it will happen is another matter – the DS may have badly miscalculated the push back that will be coming.


From 2005 to 2014, militants such as Hamas in the Gaza Strip and Hezbollah in Lebanon fired more than 16,500 rockets carrying roughly 260 metric tons of warheads into Israel, causing more than 2,600 wounded or dead and $160 million in property damage. In defense, Israel spent billions of dollars (including more than $1 billion of American aid) on interceptors, shelters, and sirens. It also ran three military operations against Gaza that cost the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) about $3.6 billion and 530 casualties, and inflicted substantial collateral damage on Palestinian civilians. 1

There has been much controversy as to whether these operations were justified. Some observers consider the rocket attacks a “strategic threat” ( Rubin 2011), while others discount them ( Perry 2014). Controversy also surrounds Israel's Iron Dome interception system. While some call it a “game changer” ( Hamilton 2012), others question its effectiveness ( Broad 2013) or its effects on peace efforts and defense priorities ( Kober 2013 Shapir 2013a, 2013b).

Given these debates, this article analyzes rocket attacks and defenses in Israel during Operation Protective Edge in 2014, Operation Pillar of Defense in 2012, Operation Cast Lead in 2008–2009, and the Second Lebanon War in 2006. It leaves aside their political, diplomatic, legal, and ethical dimensions, as well as their effects on Gaza's civilians. It focuses instead on the effectiveness and efficiency of Israeli countermeasures as tools for reducing losses inflicted by rocket attacks. Are offensives against Gaza worthwhile? Are ground assaults needed, or are air strikes sufficient? Is rocket effectiveness declining ( Hamilton 2012 Rubin 2015)? If so, is that due to interceptor batteries or to civil defenses? If these measures work, are they economical?

The article proceeds as follows. First, I describe the existing civil-defense-or-interception debate and the related controversy over Iron Dome's performance. I next summarize the available data and use it to calculate fatality, casualty, and property damage rates—or loss rates—per rocket for each operation. Preliminary analysis shows that ground assaults reduced daily rocket fire within each Gaza operation, but air strikes alone did not. It also confirms that per-rocket effectiveness has been decreasing, despite increases in volume, range, consistency, and warhead size.

I then compare these loss rates to infer whether decreasing rocket effectiveness should be attributed to interceptor deployment and/or to civil defense improvements. The empirical analysis suggests that Iron Dome batteries intercepted less than 32 percent of all hazardous rockets during Pillar of Defense, but between 59 and 75 percent during Protective Edge. Civil defense improvements further reduced casualties by up to 36 percent for the former operation and between 57 and 75 percent for the latter. The declining casualty rates highlight the growing relative importance of the conflict's economic costs due to, for example, property damage, reduced business productivity, and defense spending. The calculations further suggest the number of rockets hitting populated areas during Pillar of Defense may have been understated. The number of threats to populated areas, on the other hand, may have been overstated. This implies that Iron Dome's effective interception rate may have been significantly lower than reported.

The research also estimates the cost-effectiveness of Israel's countermeasures for the stated goal of preventing rocket losses. Preemptively destroying rockets in Gaza via military operations, especially ground assaults, incurred high costs while preventing few casualties. By comparison, interception grew increasingly cost-competitive over time. Civil defenses prevented the most casualties with the lowest marginal costs. The article concludes by discussing some implications of the analysis.

October 23, 2012

Ravana making in Tatarpur, New Delhi

The colors of Tatarpur

Couple of days before Dussehra, one can spot parts of the effigies – huge heads with glistening teeth set in perpetual grin, gigantic skirts and torsos composed of cardboard, paper and bamboo and adorned with sparkle work and glistening paint – scattered throughout on roofs, streets and pavements in the area. Travelling in the metro during this time of the year is particularly delightful – the overhead view of rows upon rows of large, multi-hued effigy heads and blackened limbs stacked together is heartwarming – and often one comes across unusual scenes, for instance, several feet long, jet black and curved moustaches decked on rooftops, or newly-painted torsos hanging from balconies to dry. The craftsmen start working on the effigies at least two months in advance of the festive season, many leaving their day jobs during the period in order to prepare these exquisite pieces of art. And though money is a factor guiding them to this business, most do it in order to show their faith in Rama, an ideal king-son-husband-warrior-statesman (“Purushottam”) and supposedly an incarnation of Vishnu, the Hindu God of life and nourishment. Nonetheless, the artists feel remorse every time an effigy made by them is “killed and set ablaze” in any part of the country. Confesses Subhash Raavanwala, one of the most prominent master-craftsmen functioning in the area, that though he has been making effigies for the past 30 years, he has never himself set foot in any of the numerous grounds where these symbols of arrogant evil and misdeeds are ritualistically burnt since it pains him to see his efforts go up in fire and smoke. One of his most beautiful works bore on its colossal moustache the legend “I am Ravana. I am evil hence considered worthy of being burnt every year. But if not for me, what of the hundreds of artists and craftsmen who earn their meager livelihood of two square meals only because they create my imitations”.

One of the master craftsmen

Colorful and covered with glistening sheets of myriad-hued paper – blue, orange, green, black, golden, silver, pink, red, yellow – the effigies are certainly a visual treat. Constructed from a skeleton of thin bamboo strips that are tied together to form body-like frames (limbs and torsos that more or less look like tapering cylinders), then pasted over with thin sheets of cloth followed by thick sheets of brown paper and finally repeatedly painted and adorned with patterns and facial features by skilled and experienced painters and craftsmen final touches are added with slender strips of colored paper, gold and silver foils, sparkle paint decorations and serpentine pattern work in silver paint. Once completed, these parts are left to dry on the pavements and traffic dividers, propped against metro stations and in public parks, before being joined and prepared to be transported on trucks and cars to different parts of the country where these are stuffed with an immense quantity of fireworks and erected in community grounds in anticipation of Dussehra, the tenth and final day of Navaratri worship. Often when the effigies have to be transported over long distances, the patrons prefer to purchase and transport individual parts instead of an entire body put together and have it assembled by a team of laborers in the community ground itself.

Towering amidst apartment buildings - A completed Ravana effigy

Since the effigy and the fireworks are a costly affair and not everyone spares time and money for the same, most of the killing and burning (“Ravana Dehena”) of Ravana and his relatives is accomplished by local drama committees and teams that collect donations from throughout a particular locality for the purpose. Usually, a small ensemble team of actors portray Rama, his brother Lakshmana and the vanaras (simian followers and friends of Rama) – entering the ground on a decorated chariot and firing the symbolic flaming arrows towards the effigies of Meghnaad (Ravana’s son), Kumbhakaran (his brother) and Ravana himself, in that particular order, indicating that the demon lords have been killed and should now be set on fire. On a deeper level, the act of burning the ten-headed Ravana is symbolic of eliminating the ten evils from one's mind (lust, anger, attachment, greed, pride, jealousy, selfishness, injustice, cruelty and ego). Often the residents welfare associations (RWAs) collect the stipulated amount and place orders for the effigies on behalf of the population of the locality under their aegis, and eliminate the whole play-acting and costume-dressing before the incineration by requesting one of the prominent citizens/guests or the RWA president himself to set the effigy/effigies ablaze. What follows is a cacophony, the effigies are burnt in the order mentioned and the crackers blast off with great light and noise often amidst the regular shouts of “Jai Shri Rama” (“Victory to Lord Rama”). Though the massive crowds gathered to watch the fearsome spectacle are kept at bay from these towers of fire by enclosures made of ropes and bamboo poles, there is nothing preventing the onslaught of hundreds of devotees towards the spot where the smoldering ashes and afire bamboo frameworks drop. Belief is that keeping under one’s pillow or suspending over the bedside the ash and remains left over after the annual cremation of Ravana, who also happened to be an extremely learnt sage-philosopher-writer-musician, helps increase one’s knowledge and intelligence. Hence, the rush to gather the ashes. Unbelievable, right?

Now we know why Tatarpur is jocularly referred to as "Lanka" (Ravana's citadel)

The whole Ravana making business started some 50 years ago when a man from Sikandarabad (Uttar Pradesh) migrated to Delhi and set up a small-scale business of funeral and cremation materials. One particular year, when the business was exceptionally slow and the festive season upon him, he used the bamboo logs and fine cloths, that would have been otherwise sold to people for cremation purposes, to make a small effigy. Everyone liked it and it was burnt with a grand ceremony during the Dussehra celebrations – motivated, the man, by now being referred to as “Ravana Baba”, began making effigies every year during the festive season and few years later even started getting up to 10 orders from affluent patrons and festival organizing committees. The local children would sit around him and see him at work and often intern for him too for some quick cash – after his demise, these children took the business forward and now they all are the master craftsmen training new workers and painters under their tutelage. The business has grown to hundreds of effigies manufactured each year, yet the craft is characterized as a dying art since, despite putting in months of back-breaking toil and efforts, the profits are extremely low and most craftsmen/workers do not prefer to have their children in the same business. Harassment by locals and policemen are also a factor, though in recent years many newspapers, blogs and photography clubs have photographed, written about and highlighted this alluring heritage activity. And the saddest thing of all is that nobody, not even the generation of craftsmen-artists whom he trained, remember “Ravana Baba” or know his real identity – though one claim is that his actual name was Ustad Chuttan Lal, but many of the older craftsmen disagree.

Brilliant blue! - Am sure Ravana never looked so amusing!

The effigies can be brought – big or small – depending on your budget from Tatarpur. They are priced according to the skill of the craftsmen who made them and the additional features they sport (light bulbs for eyes, large horns, moustache, snake motifs, weapons and accessories etc). The quoted price is Rs 300/feet, but most artists and craftsmen confess that they are able to sell a 50-feet tall effigy (the most common size available here) at an average of Rs 12,000 only – the total price for making it from scratch pegged somewhere around Rs 8,000. Some patrons order even more magnificent effigies – often measuring over 80 feet and equipped with several features like headgear and weapons – such effigies require 24X7 hard work worth several days and usually fetch relatively heftier profits. But one can also spot miniature effigies, just over a few feet tall with a little head mounted atop, thin as sticks and conical in shape, but layered with lots of glossy paper and decorated with fluorescent sheets and sparkles. These are usually bought by individuals who prefer to celebrate Dussehra at their own home and with only their near family instead of indulging in the community carnival that the festival turns into in the local parks and grounds. The best part, other than the riot of colors, are the long moustaches of the Ravanas – many a times the patrons request the craftsmen to make excessively large moustaches or scribble words on these. The craftsmen, nonetheless, think the demons look “beautiful”.

Subhash Ravanawalla, with some of the effigy heads he commissioned

Interestingly, amongst the rows upon rows of effigy figures lying around, one can spot the artistic modifications creatively introduced by different artists – foremost amongst these are the facial expressions – while one effigy might be depicted looking sad, others might appear happy, and many even sport an expression of unbridled amusement with their large uneven teeth glistening in the sun, nonetheless all of them seem to be contemplating their “fiery” end and laughing at the human vanity of claiming to burn the mighty Ravana. The vibrance of so many shades of colors and glitter, combined with these hundreds of modifications and the different stages of completion in which several effigies sit next to each other makes for beautiful compositions beckoning enthusiastic photographers and impressed onlookers alike. Over time, this sacred craft tradition too has started sporting modern touches – many organizing committees have started burning four effigies – the last one portraying some relevant social/national issue such as female foeticide or corruption the effigies are increasingly being composed of natural products and avoiding toxic substances like paints, glues, plastics and metals the creativity has been further enhanced by inscribing slogans on the moustaches or pasting large stickers of fire-spewing dragons and silver jewelry.

That moustache, those teeth! This one at least is spooky!

The workers toil from early dawn to dusk to make these “art pieces” (that’s what they consider them) more elegant and stunning and the impeccable craftsmanship shows in the form of the decorative designs and motifs added when giving final touches to the effigy, just before being shipped off to its destination. Scores of workers cohabit here under the guidance of the master craftsmen during these few months to create hundreds of effigies in a span of two months, every master craftsman commissioning 30-35 effigies each – obviously, the competition to sell earliest while also cornering some profits is high. Yet often, the craftsmen are forced to indulge in distress-selling to even procure part of their investments many find themselves unable to sell all their product at the end of the festive season – the effigies are then broken down and their constituent material put to more lasting uses – bamboo is utilized for making chairs and stools while paper and glossy sheets are converted into posters. At the end of their two-month employment, each of the workers/carpenters/artists/painters is paid approximately Rs 6,000/month for the services rendered.

A Ravana and his torso. He seems to be grinning perpetually and stupidly

Walking through the streets of Tatarpur is a wonderful enriching experience where one gets to witness craftsmen and artisans hard at work, converting seemingly simple pieces of bamboo and thin sheets of paper and cloth into towering effigies and masculine heads with astonishingly large moustaches. But one also observes another side of this labour-intensive business – often small kids, not even ten years old, frail and thin like the bamboo sticks they join, can also be seen working with the elders. Every time I have visited the village to click the work in progress, most of the kids stop in the middle of whatever they are doing to jovially interact and pose for me, only to be scolded by the elders – and it is heartbreaking to see them work and questions like shouldn’t they be studying or playing around bubble up unintentionally. Most of these workers, living impoverished lives and often not earning enough to spend on quality food (leave alone proper education, housing and health), face harassment from locals. Couple of years back, they were especially threatened by biker gangs who had taken to stealing the effigy heads and body parts – nowadays, as a preventive measure, most of the heads are kept tied through the nose to walls/railings by means of long strips of cloth – it eliminates part of the photographic composition, but is definitely a necessary measure. The craftsmen also face an uncooperative police force and are often derided for blocking roads and covering footpaths with these huge effigies – for some people, unappreciative of the toil these artists put in for the sake of their patrons and the people who come to see Ravana Dehena, this entire show turns is a nuisance, and they often argue for the removal of effigies from arterial roads. But for most, viewing these brilliant colors, funky shapes and blinding glitter is simply an ethereal experience. Having so many large heads flaunting strange moustaches and headgear strewn around makes for amusing street furniture and compelling photographic perspectives. Scattered all around are not just some pieces of paper-covered wood, but hard toil of workers worth several months, experience worth several years, and a ritual continuing since several decades!

Gantz: IDF made the right decision in hitting terrorist

Blue and White Chairman Benny Gantz writes on Twitter that “the political echelon and the IDF made the right decision tonight for the security of Israeli citizens and residents of the south.”

He says that “the fight against terrorism is ongoing and requires moments of difficult decision making.”

“Blue and white will back up any proper activity for the security of Israel and put the residents’ security above politics,” he adds.

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1. The U.S. invaded Russia.

In order to reopen WWI’s Eastern Front, the Allied Powers landed a number of international units in Russia, to both keep the peace and bolster the White Army to keep Communism from spreading to Europe, if possible. The Americans were deployed in the Siberian city of Arkhangelsk, near the Arctic Circle.

Dubbed the “Polar Bear Expedition,” the Americans joined a British contingent who attempted to fight their way to link up with the Czechoslovak Legion, which held the Trans-Siberian Railway. The Great War ended before any significant headway could be achieved and the Allies eventually left Russia altogether.


Thursday, March 1, 2012

"Talk to me Goose- about Top Gun 2?

Exec: Top Gun 2 Is Real and Stars a Plane That Doesn’t Fly

A Lockheed engineer is probably the last person you'd expect to break the news of a Hollywood mega-blockbuster sequel, but here we go! Flightglobal is reporting Top Gun 2 is not only happening, but starring Tom Cruise (!) as an F-35 pilot. Ha!

The bizarre news, centered around a movie that doesn't even have an IMDB page and a broken airplane, is taking a little bit to process here.

The first question: what will Tom Cruise do? Stand on a runway, staring at his grounded F-35? Will the F-35 be a metaphor for some kind of personal growth? Is the Tom Cruise Lockheed is talking about the same Tom Cruise? Will he fix all of the plane's electrical problems to get the girl?

The film, if it does hit production next month as Tom Burbage, Lockheed Martin F-35 program manager claims, the writers will have an even greater challenge than the plane's engineers—you can only make a defective, trillion-dollar paperweight so exciting.

I can see it now: Maverick is sitting, Four Loko lodged into his beer gut, watching the air war of Libya thunder away, as his F-35 sits outside under a tarp. Fade to black. Begin volleyball scene. Val Kilmer looks better than ever. Chests glistening like so many unused guided bombs. OFFRAMP TO THE SAFETY ZONE

Watch the video: US C-RAM Shooting down IRANIAN Missiles at Night in near Persian