Bowl fragment decorated with horned face found in 7,000-year-old settlement

Bowl fragment decorated with horned face found in 7,000-year-old settlement

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Researchers believe that the object could be related in some way to the realm of the sacred.

A team of archaeologists found a fragment ofa bowl decorated with a horned face in the excavations of a settlement of farmers in7,000 years old located near the Polish town of Biskupice,reports Science in Poland site.

«The ceramic fragments that we find are decorated with a plastic ornament that represents a stylized outline of a human face. There are two lumps on the forehead thatevoke horns«, Described the head of the project's fieldwork, Marta Korczyńska.

The fragment, ofabout 10 centimeters wide, it is the only part of the decoration that was found. "Todaywe cannot interpret clearly this image. However, it seems likely that such an unusual piece could be related in some way to the scope of the sacred«Commented Magdalena Moskal-del Hoyo, the main author of the study.

Scientists believe the find is acontact test of the first farmers in the area with other peoples who lived in the territories of modernHungary and Slovakia.

Thus, Korczyńska explained that containers with similar images from the same period were found in sites in those countries, although these do not usually have stylized horns. Its aboutfirst object of this type found in Poland.

In total, the archaeologists unearthed more than3,000 different objects, some of them made with obsidian, a volcanic glass material that is not found in Polish territory, which provides yet another proof of contacts with ‘foreigners’.

Also participating in the excavationsbotanical specialistsAs the plant remains are also "a source of information on material culture and ancient traditions," Moskal-del Hoyo explained.

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