A DNA study confirms the biblical account of the kingdom of Canaan

A DNA study confirms the biblical account of the kingdom of Canaan

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A genetic study carried out by scientists from Israel has confirmed the existence of the ancient kingdom of Canaan, mentioned in the Bible.

It would be a coherent demographic community outlined in a larger territory than the current Hebrew state, plus West Bank (Palestine) and which also includes regions of the Lebanon, Syria and Jordan.

To reach this conclusion, the researcherssequenced 73 DNA specimens collected from various archaeological sites in the Southern Levant, the region between the east coast of the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan Valley, ancient Phoenician cities in the north and the Egyptian border in the south.

Almost all those human remains date back to the Bronze Age and two to the iron, details the article published in the journal Cell on May 28.

To this small new collection, geneticists added a score of genomes available from various sources.

The antiquity of all the material included in the study was circumscribedto 3,500 and 1,150 BC., while the geographical extension was delimited between Sidon (Lebanon) and Ashkelon (Israel).

Despite the predominance of a fractional political organizationchanging and subordinate to Egypt for much of this period, people everywhere the remains were found 'they are very similar genetically«, Although they present«subtle differences"Said study lead author Liran Carmel of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in a Science Daily comment.

And this data, in his opinion, «shows that the ‘Canaanites’ defined archaeologically and historically they correspond to a demographically coherent group. '

In addition, the population was quite settled throughout the period studied, since genetic kinship is perceived even among people who lived in these lands in the Neolithic period.

The findings suggest that the original inhabitantsmingled with the descendants of Iran.

Later there was a migratory influx from the north and three of the 93 DNA specimens were found to belong to the ancient Caucasian pattern.

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