Synopsis of ‘The Plains of Traffic’ (nº4) by Jean M. Auel

Synopsis of ‘The Plains of Traffic’ (nº4) by Jean M. Auel

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The captivating series The Children of the Earth by Jean M. En ‘The plains of traffic', The fourth installment after'The Clan of the Cave Bear‘, ‘The valley of the horses' Y 'The Mammoth Hunters'We continue with Ayla's adventures.

In a brilliant novel as authentic and entertaining as the previous ones, Auel takes us back to the early days of humanity and the captivating adventures of the brave woman named Ayla.

With her partner, Jondalar, Ayla sets out on her most dangerous and daring journey: towards the never visited, away from the warm fires of those mammoth hunters who welcomed him.

This new odyssey takes you through a beautiful but sparsely populated and treacherous continent of windswept grasslands, in the Ice Age Europe, until placing them among strangers.

Some will be fascinated by Ayla and Jondalar, possessing many innovative skills, including taming wild horses and a wolf; others will avoid them by feeling threatened by what they cannot understand; and still others will threaten them.

But their deep personal cravings drive Ayla, with no memory of his own people, and Jondalar, eager to return to his own, to continue his journey through the very center of a spectacular and unknown world, to find a place they can both call home.

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