Brief biography of Zeus (Jupiter), the Supreme God

Brief biography of Zeus (Jupiter), the Supreme God

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Zeus, last of the sons of Chronos Y Rea, was raised secretly in Crete so that his father would not devour him as he had done with the other children.

Zeus biography

There the nymphs took care of him and the Amalthea goat, according to late versions that we find in some sources.

As an adult, he made Cronos vomit his brothers, as a result of which the battle between the sons of Cronos and those of Uranus (the Titans), known like the titanomachy.

Struggles and transformation in the Supreme God

With the help of them, of the Hecatonchires and the Cyclopes, managed to defeat his father and the Titans who helped him.

At that time, the three brothers divided the world: Zeus the Sky and the earth's surface, Poseidon the seas Y Hades the underworld.

They fought, in turn, against the Giants (Gigantomachy), against the Aloidas and finally against Typhus.

With all these victories over Titans and primitive forces, Zeus in the Supreme God, image of Justice, Reason and Authority, becoming known as the king of Olympus and «father of gods and men«.

With him ends the «curse»Of the call succession myth, which we find in the Theogony of Hesiod, which leads the son to dethrone the father, as they already did himself - who overthrew his father, Chrono- and this one before yours, Uranus.

Zeus avoids it by not allowing the birth of a male child who according to an oracle would conceive his first wife, Metis (personification of wisdom): swallowed when pregnant with Athena, goddess who - when the moment of childbirth comes - is born from the head of Zeus.

Lovers and children of Zeus

As we mentioned, all this is narrated in Hesiod's ‘Theogony’, and in this same work we are told of other successive wives: Themis, Eurynome, Mnemosyne, Leto, Demeter and finally, Hera, goddess traditionally taken as his legitimate wife.

However, that does not prevent him from having numerous loves with other goddesses and mortals, with whom he will beget famous children: thus, the gods Apollo Y Sagebrush united to Leto, while from the Atlantic Maya will be born the god Hermes, and of Sémele -although mortal woman-, the god Dionysus.

Other children are heroes or demigods: Heracles, conceived of Alcmena; Perseus, by Danae; Helena Y the Dioscuriby Leda; Minos, from Europe, among others.

In many of these cases he resorts to metamorphosis to get the elusive beloved, as when he joins Danae in the form of a shower of gold, Leda turned into a swan and to Europe after having kidnapped her in the figure of a bull.

His children legit with Hera are Hebe, Ilithia and Ares. And according to some sources, too Hephaestus.

The Oracle of Dodona

Its main temples were in Dodona, where his oracle was and at Olympia.

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