Barcelona: European capital of tourism and business

Barcelona: European capital of tourism and business

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Barcelona It is an example of a great European capital, it is a favorite place for tourists, surpassing famous resting places like Venice and Paris in recent years, the city also has a great attraction for business.

Barcelona is one of the European economic centers and a place of utmost importance throughout the continent. It is one of the main points of central Europe, which makes it a logical option for companies to hold their annual conferences and congresses there.

The main airport of Barcelona, El Prat, receives hundreds of daily flights from all over the world, in turn having extensive Barcelona airport car parks, which facilitates connections when leaving a car there (both own and rented), in a service highly demanded by travelers from businesses that frequently move around town.

This car park is characterized by offering a very fast, simple and, most importantly, safe service, making sure that the car that is parked there is in optimal conditions once you return for it.

its closeness and practicality, make it one of the best in the entire country, being used by hundreds of users every day who need a safe place to leave their car.

In turn, his fast connection with two of the most important European capitals such as Madrid and Paris via AVE (high speed train), make connections between cities simpler.

Seeking accommodation is not a problem in Barcelona, which has more than 50,000 hotel beds waiting, not to mention a substantial supply of tourist apartments.

At the same time, the city of Barcelona is quite small and compact due to its own geographical limitations, with the Mediterranean Sea an excellent option if you are looking to take some unforgettable experiences, the Tibidabo mountain on one side and the Montjuic mountain on the other.

Barcelona city It has a fantastic transport infrastructure, with buses, trains and subways all interrelated.

One of the main areas is around the Spain Square, where the well-known "Fira de Barcelona”. 3.5 million people pass through the doors of the Fira with more than 150 shows and very varied fairs, taking place there some of the most important events in the world.

The location of the Fira remains quite central and only 20 minutes from the airport by car, which means that it offers easy access to visitors and hosts, as well as the spectacular backdrop of the Catalan National Palace with the Magic Fountain of Montjuïc.

Located at the opposite end of Barcelona, ​​near the Forum Park, is the CCIB, the Barcelona International Convention Center. This has capacity for 15,000 people in a 100,000 square meter building and is the largest in southern Europe. This conference center is busy throughout the year and has hosted some of the most important medical conferences in recent years.

Barcelona is a city that, as we see, has one of the most important infrastructures in the entire continent, hundreds of WiFi points throughout the territory, easy parking in El Prat with and extensive technological development, thus positioning itself as one of the most important European points for companies when choosing a place to hold an event of any kind.

Image by Whistofino from Pixabay

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