55% of archaeologists are out of work and the sector's losses exceed 36 million

55% of archaeologists are out of work and the sector's losses exceed 36 million

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More than half of the archaeologists in Spain have lost their jobs due to the coronavirus pandemic, and the economic losses of the sector total 36 million euros.

These data are the official ones presented by the archaeologists who are grouped under the State Platform of Archeology Professionals, which brings together institutions, schools, professional associations and non-associated workers in the sector, in a statement sent to the media today.

From the platform, he announces that "the coronavirus pandemic has also preyed on archeology professionals."

In the statement, they state that “his profession is one of the great forgotten in the aid recently approved by the government for the culture industry. We are talking about a sector that works in precarious and poorly regulated conditions, with 64% developing their activity as freelancers compared to only 10% of employed workers. The data thrown by the survey to know their current situation are also alarming, since they reach losses of € 14,500 per professional or small business with a total that amounts to 36 million euros in total for the sector”.

Carlos Caballero, President of the Professional Association of Archeology of Madrid He stated that: “Professional archeology is facing a very difficult situation: being a deregulated sector and not professionally recognized by the administrations, it was beginning to organize itself as a cohesive collective thanks to a series of periodic meetings. However, when the consequences of the 2008 crisis had not yet been financially overcome, the current health crisis situation is hitting again a sector that lacks unity and professional recognition”.

We must remember that the archeology sector plays a fundamental active role in the cultural, tourist and economic revitalization of our country.

One of his main contributions to society It covers “from the control and monitoring of civil works to protect cultural heritage for the whole of society to the study and safeguarding of archaeological remains in the so-called emptied Spain”.

At present and according to the survey carried out by the platform, 55% of archaeologists have indicated that their activity has stopped completely, a percentage that reaches 71% among those who have suffered the total cancellation of one or more contracts already signed.

Also, 45% of them expect late payments who are already engaged, and a 10% denies aid or subsidies for losses with which they had this year 2020.

In the statement, professionals add that “the present and future short-term scenario is discouraging since the slowdown in public works and research campaigns in the first two quarters of the year means that a large part of the annual turnover and continuity in employment are in danger. Once the state of alarm ends, the following months will be crucial to measure the impact of this crisis on your sector ”.

In turn, they propose a series of measures to deal with the current situation, such as “the postponement or forgiveness of self-employed debts, tax credits or reduction of cultural VAT“, The latter, a claim from the artistic sector that has been around for several years.

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