Borobudur temple history

Borobudur temple history

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The Borobudur Buddhist temple It is located 42 kilometers from the city of Yogyakarta, isolated on a beautiful plain, in Indonesia, being in turn, the largest Buddhist temple in the world.

The name means'Mountain of accumulation in Bodhisattva states‘.

Borobudur temple history

Even though it is Buddhism oriented, its construction was raised with Hindu intentions in 750 AD.

When its construction was ordered, Buddhism was in a process of decline within the Hindu region and its surroundings. This caused the bastions of Buddhism-oriented beliefs to be destroyed after the Islamist assault.

There is no evidence who built it. It is only estimated that the construction took 75 years and ended in 825.

Borobudur temple features

The monument featured six platforms that have been decorated with 504 Buddhist statues Y 2670 relief panels.

The geometric scheme under which it is built is representative of strong religious leanings. At first glance it is disorienting because of the domes, niches and friezes.

Orientatively, there were 5 terraces that would symbolize the degrees that would have to be traveled on the way for enlightenment and inner peace: doubts, laziness, ill will, worldly desires and joys for the problems of others.

The perfect calm of the soul is representative within the upper platform of the temple, also known as Nirvana, which is liberation from the transmigration of souls.

It is a state of earthly independence where those who achieve it stipulate it as an undisputed and supraterrestrial pleasure.

The concentric rings narrow as it ascends to culmination in the central stage that is symbolic of Eternal Truth, focused, of course, in the attempt to rebuild.

The visit is representative for those who wish to be in the meditative stratum, where the senses and transmission of Buddhist values ​​are strongly raised.

State of conservation of the temple

The tropical vegetation significantly threatened the structure of the temple, being restored by Dutch archaeologists and researchers between 1907 and 1911.

It was only achieved keep the Karmavibhaga, or law of karma, which indicates that human actions have consequences, inevitably, in the future life.

Despite being synonymous with spiritualization and internalization, in the sacred mountain a considerable abandonment is perceived.

It is a constrictive variation between the fundamentals that reveal order, matter of spirit and chaos.

After the war between the Netherlands and the United Kingdom in Java, the island was controlled by the British, being Thomas Stamford Raffles the governor general assigned to the locality.

Stamford became interested in the history of Java to the point of taking note of the information he received from the natives.

Thus, he ordered the investigation of the Chandi Borobudur monument, theoretically located in the jungle next to the village.

Discoveries made in the two-month period by more than 200 men were documented, confirming the existence of the Borobudur temple.

However, it was not until Hartnamm took the place of Cornellius, the first leader of the investigation, and achieved unearthing the monument in 1835.

Since its discovery it has become a coveted object of visits and, since 1991, it is World Heritage.

Your visit is highly recommended, like other sites in Indonesia that we will discover over time, because this country is much more than its most famous island, Bali.

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