Who was Eurydice? Orpheus's wife

Who was Eurydice? Orpheus's wife

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Eurydice was the wife of Orpheus in Greek mythology, and is an important part of the myth of this character.

Eurydice's story

While walking with the Nymphs, she was bitten by a snake and passed away. Orpheus tried to rescue her by descending into Hades. Thrilling the infernal Gods with his music and song, he was allowed to take Eurydice out on one condition, he should not try to see her until he reached the surface.

Almost arriving, Orpheus could not resist and tried to see her, immediately descending back to Hades.

Orpheus had to live alone on earth, becoming misogynistic and hated by women, dying in pieces by the Maenads.

Their spoils were collected by muses, while his head and his lyre reached the shores of Lesbos, where his head was buried, while his lyre ascended as a constellation to Heaven.

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