The KAS approved the reconstruction of the central chamber of the Parthenon in Greece

The KAS approved the reconstruction of the central chamber of the Parthenon in Greece

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After a long session, the Central Archaeological Council of the Greek Ministry of Culture (KAS), authorized the restoration of parts of the central chamber of the Parthenon, the best known site of the Acropolis of Athens.

The camera, called "cella"Or" naos ", It was the sacred point in the temples of Ancient Greece and the place where the statue of the god or goddess to whom the place was dedicated was located. In the case of the Parthenon, the goddess Athena stood 12 meters high erected by Phidias, and made with parts of gold and ivory.

The KAS has explained in a statement that “Thanks to the implementation of the investigations related to the restoration of the cella, we will have a reconstruction that it will be an important event in the history of the Parthenon. Upon completion of this project, in which the two longest sides of the cella will be restored, the building's geometry, identity and history of the monument will be largely recovered, allowing the visitor an understanding of its architecture”.

The Parthenon reconstruction project

For this restoration project, original pieces will be used using the restorer's proposal Charalambos Bouras, died in 2016.

They will be used like this, 360 original ashlars found in various parts of the Parthenon, adding about 90 new ashlars made of marble that will come from the quarry of Dionisio, near Athens, the most precious marble and that was used to build the Acropolis.

The restoration is expected to last a total of 15 years, so that we can see the cella in its maximum splendor as in ancient times.

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