An important Inca tomb discovered in Lambayeque

An important Inca tomb discovered in Lambayeque

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Peruvian archaeologists they discovered an Inca tomb in Lambayeque, in the north of the country, which could belong to a member of the empire's elite, the researchers announced.

The discovery was made in the Mata Indio deposit, in the Lambayeque region, explained archaeologist Luis Chero.

Archaeologists believe that the tomb belonged to a member of the Inca elite, based on the presence of “spondylus”, A type of mollusk that is always present in the tombs of important figures of the Inca period, which spanned from the 12th to the 16th century.

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The tomb had been removed multiple times, probably by looters looking for valuables, but despite this, archaeologists recovered a multitude of items, including various vases.

Chero, explained that the findings “demonstrate the majesty and importance of this site”, Located 1,000 kilometers north of Lima, the capital of Peru, and 2,000 kilometers from Cuzco, the capital of the inca empire.

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